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Puys we are back and how
This time its going to be better than ever before
The Dreams Teams are back with its share of great competitions and unlikely heroes sharing the centre stage with the all time greats
Now that I've been given the responsibility to bring open this year's Kolkata Dream Team, without wasting any more time I would straight away do the honours :-P
As appointed mentor of KDT I would like to give a brief introduction about myself. I've been by CAT every-time i dared to attempt it but rescued by GMAT....I'm not an MBA student like most of the Dream Team mentors but I have trained and taught many B-school students unlike most of them

The Selectors
Rohit (estranged_gnrs)
Prem (prem_ravi)
Shashank (shashank3012)

Team Format
11 official members
2 reserves
2 cheerleaders
1 manager
Section wise Mentors

The Process and Format for Nominations
The nomination process is fairly simple. One just has to show his/her interest in the team and tell us why (s)he should be considered for a position:-P
One can nominate himself, any other person whom he thinks is fit for a position in the team and also if one wants he can nominate members for all the positions offered
The following format should be followed for nominations
A brief introduction about yourself (including why do you think that you should be considered)
Mock Scores
Past Performances
Your Strengths (like VA, QA, DI etc)
Anything else that you would like to mention
Nominations Starts : Now
Last date for nominations : 30th July
Team Announcement: 10th of August

KDT 2008 KDT 2009

The nominations for KDT 2010 is open for anyone from Kolkata or nearby cities
Let the Game Begin :)

EDIT: Due to some personal reasons and commitments I wont be able to mentor the team. There will be another mentor and sectional mentors assigned to the team as promised asap. I wish all the best to everyone who is associated and will be associated with KDT for CAT...Hope KDT gets quite a few IIM converts this season :-P

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HaPpY B'dAy
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What happened to the 4th of July meet??

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How about interviewing Apurv for the next one?He interviews everyone doesn't he?

doc looks like you've been thoroughly grilled :-P..hope your first day @ work was nothing less than awesome...colour kab change ho raha hai
Great interview..err rather interviews...:thumbsup: to both PP and SGS
Me too would love to see Apurv getting grilled
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I propose a meet on the 4th July,
P.P.P.S. Please come!

will be there for the 4th of July meet :-P
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My turn to ask questions
First I'll start with some common (for both) questions
Q. Was it always MBA...or you wanted to pursue some other profession which is yet to become a reality?
Q. Difference between the friends you made on and off PG (just MBA aspirant, student or grad wont do).
Q. Is there any phobia which is haunting you for years but you are too embarrassed too disclose it?:sneaky:
Questions for PP
Q. What is the one thing PP is crazy about and cant even think of a life without it?
Q. If you are given a chance to swap your profession with anyone who will it be and why?
Questions for SGS
Q. Any incident(s) from your school days which you cannot forget.
Q. One fine day you wake up and see that no one is around you, you are left all alone without any sort of communication medium as well, what is the first thing you'll do? (except brushing your teeth and having breakfast)

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sharma_amit78 Says
Achiever's point @ Raja Garden promised me to get 740+ score...also, the lady told me that Achiever's point's Director has close relations with Admission director of ISB....so this put me in doubt and that's why I'm seeking reviews from Puys......!!

First and foremost how can any institute promise you with a certain score..its absolute impossible...even I was associated with a GMAT training organisation and as far as I think its absolutely impossible to promise you with any score...Are you talking about Mr. Shyam Bahadur?? As far as I know he is the director of Achiever's point. I know him personally as well. He may have close relations with the admissions director or the team but that doesn't assure you an interview call in any way
I would request you to do your research very well before joining any institution...If you need any help in this regard you can always PM me:)
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HaPpY BiRtHdAy AmRin
HaVe A BlAsT
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HaPpY BiRtHdAy
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