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just for the record you get your Tshirts, sweatshirts and suits....but u pay for em all

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Folks just calm down
I suggest you seriously read this in its entirety if you want to calm down.

I really dont know how this affects other fields of education... like medicine etc... It could be serious... But its not a big deal if you consider only IIT and IIM...

Its not a big deal if private colleges and companies are not troubled. This is what i mentioned could cause civil war and the end of the booming economy..

The problem with most people is they assume its because of the four year education at IIT and/or the two year education at an IIM that makes a great engineer and manager This assumption is among the biggest myths that encompass the indian mind... The reason most iitians are smart is because at the entrance only the people with a relatively higher aptitude can get through. The reason an IIMian becomes more successful in general is because at the entrance only the brainy as well as presentable folks are chosen...

The education that they receive at an IIT or an IIM has got less than a 5% role in their future success.Trust my views on this They have been more than 95% accurate in general:wink:

So from next year that 27% of the general category will study elsewhere like XLRI, MDI, SPJ and other such prominent private colleges... and let me tell you they will do just as well they would if they got IIM... Same goes for IIT.. Infact you will see slowly foreign companies coming to non IIT/IIM colleges too in five years or so

Yes its true in the long run the brand of IIT and IIM will fall... But this is a good thing because people will choose private colleges and its their brand name that will rise Nowhere in the reasonable world is a government college the number one college... So an upcoming university like Vedanta University (coming in 2-3 years) will be considered number one... and IIT/IIM as a college of those damn mediocre reserveds

Take IIT... Maybe in the future 17 year olds will then choose a better field in a private college/university than getting bored for 4 years studying Agriculture just for the IIT brand Because the IIT brand will lose its power anyways

If they interfere in private matters its an infringement of the constitutional guarantee of freedom and it can be argued in court anyday... So i dont see that happening but that is the only real worry...

IIT/IIM was a national waste and it will remain more so in the future

And my dear reserved brethren... Folks relax... those who will be getting reservations will obviously be in favour and those not getting it will be angry so there is no need to argue yaar:) Enjoy the freebies but do understand the angst of the unreserved... and be patient for a while about their reactions...

Also let me remind you no education in the world will get your IQs higher or make you more competent than your limits allow you and even 1000 years from now your genes will produce people of the same IQ range that you have now unless you marry a smarter girl/boy This is simply God's design or biological theory... whichever you wish to choose...

But definitely in real terms this reservation would help you get a better lifestyle than you deserve and your limits would allow you to... But please do not think there is any other reason in this particular change of policy other than appeasement for votes... All this kind of frivoulous democracy eventually leads to a disaster and trust me if the super brains of this country unite against this there could be serious trouble for everyone... I dont think the time for that has come yet even after this nonsensical law...

But again do enjoy this reservation. Part of it I think you do deserve:)

Good Luck to all I think we will all need it:)


Well said dude. In the long run this action is similar to burying all the hard work done in building these IIMs and IITs. Its the private colleges that are going to be the biggest winners out of this entire exercise.

I wonder though if this reservation would actually stand judicial scrutiny.
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anubond6 Says
donB i guess ther is no MIB ppl on pg, so dude cn u come up wid placemnts figures of MIB also.wid ther av. highest n lowest salary.n plz also post what diff kind of profiles r u ppl at MHROD n MIB getting aftr placemnts.

will get u the MIB figures soon. MHROD we get purely HR profiles while for MIB they get either Marketing or Finance profiles. Please note MIB is a dual specialisation in Marketing and Finance with an International Business angle. But the jobs on campus are either Mark or Fin oriented.
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Iam in!...

hmm...after 6 MBA entrance exams, 7 interviews and 2 years of knocking on the doors, I finally get to experience the real thing... :)

Man, it feels good!

: xmas has come in early simon! congratulations mate!
Annika Says
are the results out?has anybody checked?

yep results are out. best of luck to those who made it and good luck to those on the wait list
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happy bday zingo happy bday ziiingo happy bday zingo bhai happy bday to you! :

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The results will be out on the notice board tomorrow people.

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good luck to all!

Putting up the orientation ppt that was shown to the candidates!

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HEY NOW.. is de gd an elimination round???
and yes ppl ben dere post in ur experiences plz
anyone comin on monday 9 n 12...

No GD is not an elimination round

Here are the MHROD placement figures for this year. Its provisional as the process is not yet complete.

Highest 6 lakhs pa
Average 4.5 lakhs
Lowest 2,8 lakhs

All figures quoted are CTC. The nos are subject to change when we confirm the figures of the guys who are still in the process.
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