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Some "genuine information" follows (I was part of the 1st graduating batch of IPMX)

While I see merit in both what my fellow colleague "god's wish" had said and what the current student "thecrab2000" is high-lighting, I think both of them are right in their own ways.

The first batch did face a real hard time (and not everything could be tagged as "Teething-Issues" as lot could have been done had the Lucknow/Noida Campus shown more interest and proactivness) but having said that, there were faculty members and office bearers who tried their best to improve things (towards Placements, Industry contacts, visibility of the course in the market, infrastructure). Just because such people were in minority the end result was there was a lot to accomplish on these aspects. To make things worse, the economic crisis hit us at the wrong time (otherwise the stats would definitley have been much better).

It is nice to hear (as per crab's report) that things have changed a lot on above aspects and both Lucknow/Noida Campus are working towards setting things right. They have the resources/capabilties to do it, only thing what was lacking last year was the desire to do it and looks like that also came (better late than never).

Since everyone has a right to make an opinion (which is likley to be contextual/subjective), let's not get biased with whatever one hears/reads. If you are serious about applying to IPMX, I would ask you to go and visit the campus, talk to current/past students, talk to faculty (whenever you get an opportunity) and then make a "educated/informed" decision.

For the records (although I do not have the collated data for entire batch), despite the challenges that we had to face people grabbed roles like VP's, DGM, function heads, senior management etc. in reputed MNC/Indian firms. Few people have joined consultancy firms or even floated their own companies. "thecrab2000" just a suggestion for you, may be you can ask the IPMX authorities (placement cell) to approach the 1st batch students to collect this data (would come handy in calling these companies for Placelement as well)

That's ok. but what I am more interested in is to find if IPMX current batch has anything to say to the claims made by the only other batch that has actually seen the placement process and borne the brunt of it.
Any genuine information would help ...??

In Addition to Andhra and PNB, you can also enquire with HDFC. Even though most of us have taken loans from Andhra and PNB ony as the HDFC guy was very late in making an offer to us, he was always going to be a equally good option...

Kumar Sambhav Singh
Sales Manager-Education Loans
10th Floor,Ansals Classique Tower
J-Block,Rajouri Garden
New Delhi-110027
011- 42609091(O)

Request guys visiting campus to post the following for our benefit:
Howz the acco? Fridge / TV / Internet / Geyser etc???

Loan scene with Andhra & PNB (read mai lon our YG that has the contact details provided by iimL office).

Placement scene, of course.

Where exactly have married guys managed outside acco?

brandmanager Says
Welcome the Suggestion,but am not aware of the process of renaming a thread,kindly help me out

You can PM the moderators and they can do it for you. You can reach them at
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I had done the same for the IPMX last year's thread (for this year aspirants who are not aware of this thread; which has been appropriately been replaced by this current thread can go through our 2007-08 journey at

Mr. Brand, you can also ask the moderator to add the following "tags" to this thread "Tags: 2008 2009, 2009 2010, iiml, ipmx, pgpx, pgpex" which will help people find it easier.

Myself,Sunil and few others from the scene of action will try to answer all queries implicitly/explicitly posted to us. So guys, tighten your seat belt the action has begun !!!

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Sorry buddy I missed your post (although some of the points I have already replied in my earlier post)
Hey Congratulaions to all of you for making it to the colleges you aimed at:hurray:.I have been reading the intersting conversations regarding ROI,Infrastructure,Brand name, International Recessions and so on, and its really been an enriching experience going through all the answers.

DMVARS its heartening to know that you have decided to mentor/coach new PGS,its totally inline with the PG culture. I got hooked to PG,some 6-7 months back when my younger bro was applying to IIT's and IIMS for his MBA(made it to IITD & IITKGP) PG was a great help, and here i am still hooked on now trying to gather info when i plan to write GMAT and apply to ISB and IIML-pgpx IIMC:gunsmilie:

Gmat- To write- End July:shock:
Try to cross the psychological 700 barrier (anything beyond that is going to give you that much edge, if it's not your day and you fail to cross it, then you need to back yourself with a strong application)
Education-B.E( 64%)+ 2 yrs retail management/Merchandising program from NIFT(68%):batman:
It helps to come from Engineering background (no offence meant to non-Engineers)

Work Ex- Retailing (Operations,Business development,Marketing)
Wow, that sounds like a wide-variety of experience and that too in the most sought after industry - RETAIL SECTOR, do you actually need to do a MBA :crazyeye:
Current Profile-Brand Manager in a Retail major:gunsmilie:

Part Time exp- Visiing faculty for Fashion Retail Management course

Wanted a first hand information from you folks regarding the IIML-PGPX infrastructure.

1/are you guys getting a family housing...? cos things need to be planned accordingly

2/Any insight on the Faculty..? are there sufficient faculty at Noida campus of faculty keeps shuttling between Noida and Lucknow( My hometown)

3/Guys with 6-7 years work ex in your batch
There are people who have 6-8 years xp so that should not be an issue

4/Batch Strength expected for 2009-2010

5/Number of applicants expected for 2010 batch.?
Only time will tell, I thing it will be around 1500 (if not more)

So looks like you have a strong case(profile), but having said that the competiton is fierce, this ex-MBA trend has picked up really well.
For now focus on getting a good score in your GMAT and then spend quality time in filling your application form.
Good Luc !!!
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thecrab2000 Says
So, is it allowed to stay overnight outside the campus with the family?

The college authorities do not recommend it, but then some people (like me) do visit our families for night stay (on weekends and then sometimes on weekdays also), whenever my study schedule/activities permit me.

So at the approriate time, you can check with IIM authorities on this for your batch.
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Hows been the experience so far? Is the rigor same as we keep hearing from PGPX/PGPEX folks? What about the facilities at Noida campus?


It has been a hectic 2 months period. One and a half terms have passed out of which in Term 1 we were exposed to Accounts,Marketing,Communications,OB,Quants,Law,Economics and this term we have Finance,HRM,French,Operations in addition to Accounts,Marketing,Quants Part II.
The pedagogy has been a good mix of Case Studies, group Presentations, wide variety of books, quizes, Assignments etc.
There is no reason why the rigour is going to be any different that IIMA/C/ISB - after all 1 year Ex-MBA is a very condensed course (the profs want to teach us lot of things in the limited time that they are given)

Facilities (Hostels, Mess, Library, Computer Center, Wi-fi, Lecture hall, Conference rooms etc.) are adequate although lot of further expansion of campus is in progress to construct Auditorium, Other buildings and all. There are lots of open space in the campus but the authorities have smart plans to effectively utilize all the space. Come July the college is rolling out a MDP residential program for Army personals. The 3 year part-time WMP program is in full swing (first batch will pass out this year, interview for next year got over just recently). The campus is located in close proximity to malls, hospital, market place etc. There are lots and lots of Apartments in the vicinity (so all you applicants who intend to bring their family here need not worry - in fact I have also put up my family in a apartment couple of kms away from the campus).

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HI Akash
Thanks for sharing the information.
Can you tell me where can I find detail information about the Course. There is not much available in IIML website like course contents , electives.

Check out the "Course Structure" section in program brochure which is there on the website IIM Lucknow - Noida Campus.
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Hi Akash

It is nice to see you back on this site.
I created this thread for this 09-20 batch in line with the new batches of IIMA and ISB course.

But the threadname in lower case is clumsy. I am unable to correct it. We can go to the thread mentioned by you.
We can even go with this thread, but since the last year thread name does not have any year attached to it may be we can continue using the same (even the XLRI GMP thread also follows the same convention). The advantage I see here is, the earlier thread has been existing for more than a year so people must be knowing about it + it has all the info on last year's queries/interview experience/admission formalities and all which will definitely help this year applicants.
So Deepak, if you feel the same way then you can post a message in this thread that people can proceed to the other thread + you can ask the moderators to close this thread)

Last year we had a lot of questions bieing the 1st batch. May be you can start by telling us..
- about the noida campus faculty
The faculty comprises of IIML professors who have been stationed permanently in IIML-Noida + professors who come from IIML every week to take lectures and then go back + external speakers hailing from NCR region who are good in their field and teach the subjects which are part of our curriculum.

- library, accomodation, industry intraction..
We have pretty good Library facilities, our hostels have single-rooms equipped with all facilities. The campus is completely wi-fi. The Corporate Interaction Cell (CIC) which is an initiative by IIML-NC & the student clubs which we have formed are working towards facilitating industry interactions

- current batch/ avg GMAT, avg age, % international applicants
International Applicant - 7/45
Rest of the details about our batch/the course can be found at
Hi MBApagals

IIML has announced 2nd batch of IPMX.

Some highlights
Batch size-50
Fees- 12lacs INR
Current batch-no details
IIM Lucknow - Noida Campus

Lets use this thread for discussions on this course.

Hi Deepak,
Should we have a separate thread every year or can we keep on posting on a common thread - in this case the one which we created last year for our first batch - (that way, we can have all information at one place where all the alums/current student/aspirants can meet).
The thread I am talking about is located at

What do you feel ?
Akash Mohan
(IPMX 2008-09)
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I could not resist myself from shooting my first post (i.e after joining this course), as today the college has launched the admission process for the next batch 2009-10 in TOI/website. The course/admission details are available on the college website IIM Lucknow - Noida Campus

Some more details about our batch profile / what institute had to say about this course can be found on Money control Moneycontrol India :: News :: IIM Lucknow inaugurates IPMX at Noida Campus :: Bharat Sanchar Nigam :: Press- News :: Indian Institute of Management Lucknow,International Programme in Management for Executives,NOIDA Campus,Hari Shankar Singhania,Jamsh

For the next 10 months or so, me and my other batchmates here will try to help the aspirants in their journey to get into IIML-NC. Feel free to use our services.

Akash Mohan
(IPMX 2008-09 Batch)

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