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Happy Birthday dude !!!!!
Njoi the next 2 years of Bskool
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Yeah. The deferral/refund request can be mailed to,

Just called them up at 1-800-425-4361.
Here's the response that I got: If you dont appear for CFA exam on june 03 (India or outside), in case if it were to happen, then you will be contacted regarding deferral or refund (if u cancel).

There's no need to send any mail (but there's no harm in sending one also) .

Have observed the whole scenario and a lot of posts on this thread.

Must commend the way this is being handled by the CFA institute.
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This was the statement written in the mail.

"If you were to take the exam outside India, please select which region you might prefer. This is for planning purposes only and will help us gauge initial interest. (You can see the complete list of locations on our website at

Can I switch my Level I exam to December 2007?
If you do not take the exam in June 2007, we will contact you in mid-June to collect information to process a full refund of applicable fees. You can then enroll for the December 2007 exam.
India - FAQ - The CFA Program in India

Read this info from cfa india faq.
For people who have chosen option 1 (like me) as they are not sure of settlement of the whole process (stay, litigation), they can take the exam in dec 07. But in that case cfa institute will be refuding only enrollment fees i think.

I stopped studying after sending option 1 as my choice. If exam were to happen on jun3 and all be required to take it, then i would have lost 3 days . :(
How is this fair? I can't fathom why they provided option 1 in their initial mail. If they don't intend to refund fees if India is the centre, the first option makes no sense.
Guess I'll have to resume preps tonight :|

writing on pg after a long time gladto be back As far as I interpreted the mail, it was not a questionnaire to get a overview of candidates mindset, rather it was options provided. CFA must have thought a lot before giving these options. So if i select option 1 and thn the exam happens on june 3 '07, i would be given option for refund or deferment.And i have doubt regarding refund including registration fees.

Congrats to IIMI-I and to Pranav, Kool, andtherewas1more and Hooda .

Its been one week (actually 4 days ) since Im back on campus and had 2 quizzes and 2 presentations till now.
They know how to get us out of our holiday mode .

convolutedsignal Says
Just replace K with C and most of the relevant points here hold true. But of course I sleep only 4 hours a day. Strictly non academic reasons though. Put up a few pics of the sunrise/sunset man. Ive heard its quite a sight.

Finally Orca finds time to write on PG from his hectic schedule .
here r some pics :
Though I might top it from the bottom, atleast in accounts
Nearly bottomed the class in the marketing quiz.
btw, dkm is a real stud in the making.
It's not very often that you get to see ppl as conscientious and level-headed as him.
Truly a gem.

Yeah yeah yeah ,
we wait till results come out to see the real stud among us ,
sujoy , karan kuch to post karo bhai

going to chill this weekend after a hectic week .
Congrats for completing 1/12 th of cutting-edge MBA education

*okayish* Lat year you used to perform *okayishly* in EU in mocks
So we have got the hint about your performance in midsem at God's own Kampus!

Well, his okayish means that he is going to top the batch.
For lesser mortals like us , we help him in making to the top.
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damn, last time PG meet happened in Delhi, i missed it bcoz of some prior commitment,
Thought I will be there next time,

And this time Im in Calicut .
Cant we have a PG meet in Calicut ?

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