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go and see. probably with an undertaking they will let you sit. if not tough luck, man.

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Hey puys i just got selected in andhra bank po exam. being fom a biotech background with avg academic score wat are the q.s i can expect???
will i be also asked on extra curriculars and general happenings???

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Hey , any idea wen andhra bank po result will com out???

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Hey for the 2010 rankings. which colleges are being considered and can we nominate our college too?

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surajkalyan Says
i had called siib thy said have mailed the candidates who have been shortlisted in second list

Hey is der neone who has got mail as per the 2nd list?

See mate the siib wants to make sure that its 30 seats get filled up and hence the the way its quite surprising that only 1 puy got selected. any others who got selected? and ya abhi wats ur profile?

Hey pls those who get selected tell that they will take admission or not, as it will help those who r dere in wl

sagar_fm Says
is the result really thr today!!!

nobody knows for now but pls update if nebody here gets to know...
Does that mean that the link is posted and u are not able to see or you are asking if the result link is posted or not?
PS: I do not see any result link in their website.

Mate that was pure sarcasm and nothing else, these pppl have still not put up the results...

is it only me or is it that others also are not able to see the link of results on the website...