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Does anyone here know about placements at Praxis Business School for their Post Graduate Program in Analytics ? I searched their website for details but it not too much info given there. What is the average package and what is the actual ground reality ? Are students there getting placed ? Also whats the scene like for Summer Internship ?

Is the course good enough ? Industry reputation etc

Any help will be immensely helpful


got shortlisted @ 214

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vineeshmba Says
Your GMAT is a plus, but experience is not. You still have a chance though.

thanks for your feedback

hey guys .. i have an interview for BU MBA on 27 in mumbai... What do you think my chances are based on my profile
GMAT - 730/5
toefl -118
Work Ex- 1year(full time IT Sales) by the start of program
. 1.5 years part time
B.Tech(Hons), excellent acads thru school and college.
Mediocre ECs

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Background pic of Rajasthan_ by Emmanuel Dyan. _Foreground pics of Shastri Institute which has applied for closure of its management wing_ The website of Pearl Institute of Management in Bhilwara (PIMB), Rajasthan
Abhi Maheshwari @djabhi

lol .. i guess arindam chaudhary's message is really reaching out to the ppl - dare 2 think beyond the iims .. ....

Rozelle Laha @rozelle
The Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET), used for admission to the two-year MBA programs offered by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) might be abolished starting this year. Instead, a candidate's Common
Abhi Maheshwari @djabhi

totally agree with partha .. why the hell cant they just continue with jmet

i love raw it almost every week .. i love HBK ..too bad he retired

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congrats david awesome score

i think crackverbal wud be best !!! no need to go elsewhere!

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