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I hope they release all the results at one go now..rather than in was done in R1..

any ISB current student who can confirm the time of results on pagalguy?

It cd be either ways , sometimes in cycle and sometimes random. But in R1 cyclic
addictive Says
has any1 thought of the 2012 doomsday? all money and effort wasted? or will it be the best way to spend the last yr of your life?

Atleast we will die as ISB grad , worth the effort i guess
dandydude83 Says
btw will our online status be updated first or will be receive the email first?

On-line status , then email and sms comes little later.

So the day has finally arrived, look forward to knowing my classmates :cheerio:

smart07 Says
Any clue at what time during the day do they declare the results....i mean do they declare it generally in the morning itself or in the second half.

Usually after 3 , Gd luck to everybody once again :cheerio:
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Hi Diya

How are you? Where have you been? :-P

Hey,Reconadi....I ve been away frm Pagalguy for past few months.Got busy with work and other things.Hope to c u as my classmate soon :cheerio:
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Good Luck to everybody , may you all get to see the success soon.I know it's the most painful period but hope there is a great news ahead for all you

gchanglani Says
Hey there is an option for ISB on the Paras website. How genuine are these guys, cos they are asking for Rs 450 just as registration fees.

A lot of Indian banks i.e. SBI, UBI etc.. giving loan for ISB no need to choose Paras Education.

If any R2 Delhi applicant needs any help for interview let me know, I will be glad to help .


I got through too, will go to ISB as I've paid 2 lakhs.Just wanted to share that some of you still have a chance to get through as the standard message is same for all who have not been selected while some of you will be offered once people like me are not able to go.