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Hi Deval,

I have been following this thread for sometime now, especially your replies where you were guiding fellow aspirants for the MICAT.

Having applied to MICA with three years of work.experience, I had expected some level of distinction in a MICA entrance paper from a typical CAT/MAT/XAT/GMAT exam, especially with all the emphasis laid on the objective of ascertaining a candidate's 'fit' into a Communications program i.e., knowledge basic definitions, past trends, opinions on advertisements, all the need for lateral thinking, creativity etc..etc..

But, the paper was disappointingly CAT-pattern based, without any trace of knowledge or creativity being tested anywhere in the paper.
It was almost as if the entrance was for some regular Management program at an even more regular business school, instead of a specialized program at a premier and super specialized institute for Communications management.It was overall,a disappointing experience.

My ques here is simple: our CAT/GMAT scores have been already taken to ascertain our aptitude for a management program, the application form was comprehensive enough to judge our interest in this field, then what is the end-objective of the MICAT, as conducted on the 17th?
Though the English language was tested comprehensively, the other sections did not provide an aspirant with a forum to demonstrate his thought process fully.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me understand the selection/elimination thought process of the admissions committee at MICA.

Thnx n kind regds,



Well.. There are cases where people dont have workex and hv drop yrs. But then there are other criteria as well.. Like ur grad score.. school score.. snap score.. extra curricular..

U just need to figure out your reasons for everything.. including drop yr nd not chosing to work.. and opting for MBA.. If ur answers are convicing enough.. then u will b in..

@ Riti

Please refer to the snap thread regarding specific doubts abt the test pattern. This thread is for institute specific queries..



For all those people asking for the cut offs, weigtages, percentiles, eligibilities and career advice. Please read the thread. We are answering the same questions repeatedly. For specific questions about insti's, visit the respective threads.


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one quest to all seniors...last year i had appeared 4 snap...
got a tot score of 76...but i hadn't got a call from SCMHRD..:(:(
one of my friends got a call at 69..

My Profile:
Class Xth - 78.4%
Class XIIth - 76%
B. Tech (E & C) - 70.1%
Work-ex was 18 months in software industry at that time

This yr I m thinking not to fill SCMHRD...they call only candidates having good acads..
Plz guide me...shud i fill this form or shud i go only 4 SIBM??.... :neutral:

Well.. The score sounds gud enough.. just that the people with workex in software industry apply in volumes hence the consideration with low workex for S/W industry goes for a toss.. now that u have a considerable workex then it shdnt be a big problem..

@ Grondmaster.. Yup.. we have courses in IT.. infact my batch had few people who took core IT subjects for the whole of 2nd yr nd have landed up in a core IT job.. One of them is a PM wid Convansys.. so its an option at our end too.. :)

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sam175 Says
Thanks for info Sri and Ankush..cheers!!

FYI.. when i appeared for the interview i had 49 % marks.. subsequently got through.. sat for my grad papers improvement.. joined college in june.. got my results in july for improvement.. had made it to Dot 50.. phew.. hence completed it... u can deduce things out here.

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Please do not open new threads for such queries.

Please do a search with GIM and PUMBA for the same.

Mods Plz lock the threads.


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As discussed,
SCMHRD has a focus on HR but does not provide any specialization. Talking generally and placement wise, in the batch of 2007, 84 students opted to sit for HR profiles in the final placement out of the batch of 220. Hence it was the largest chunk. The higest salary offered was close to 11 L and the avg was arnd 8.4 L for the HR batch. Some coveted HR profiles came from
1. Hewitt Associates
3. Unilever
4. ITC
5. Cadbury's
6. Genpact & Growtalent including a gamut of other recruiters.
The focus was on HR Consulting, IR, Corp. HR, Compensation & Benifits, Line HR & Training while talking generally.

The CoE for HR at SCMHRD has got coveted names from the industry like Aroon Joshi (EX- Head HR Cadburys), Dr. Rao- (Ex Group Head HR RPG.) Apart from this, Hewitt takes a specialised course on C& B iteself and Infosys and Genpact its own electives on HR practices in IT industry.

Please let me know if there are any specific queries.


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U r right in saying that **** doesnt happen with any other insti. but i can bet that many other insti. that just dont provide placements and r running in 2 room buildings r being discussed on pagalguy. With all due respect to this forum i think i have the right to know frm other puys that what do they think of it. Its not enough to sweep it under carpet. This is the age of information and banning discussion on sth is not the order of the day. I mean u dont know how many lakhs of students will be benefited by this. So keeping our personal prejudices aside lets come together and post our opinions whatever that may be rather than questioning the credentials of its posts here. Its a one time activity which will help students decide. I am saying this cos pagalguy is a part of almost every techie or an mba aspirant. So puys help India discover the truth.

How is book "above average" ?????

hard work killed noone
but y take chances !!!!!

What you desire is true, but we have not been entertaining the likes of mr. ponytail and so because there is a lot of muck, false publicity and controversies behind his ventures.. be it Eye Eye Pee Em or Planman or other things.. He might be right in a lot of claims but its also right that lot of times he has got across so many controversies that people have serious doubts abt his credentials.
At least these 2 room insties do not publish highly bloated figures everyday in the newspapers.
That apart. Please read the following

Lies, damned lies and fake blogs
Youth Curry - Insight on Indian Youth

need to change **** with Eye Eye Pee Em in the browser

U will soon find why we dont discuss the insti's and ventures of Mr. Ponytail here..

Mods Please lock the thread

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nihit Says
Other than XLRI, Few good institutes are TISS - Mumbai, SCHMRD - Pune, MDI - Gurgoan.

Jst a Clarification here.. It is true that SCMHRD HR batch is recognized as one of the most capable lot of HR professionals in the industry but starting from 2005, SCMHRD has stopped giving any kind of specializations in its MBA program. Its a general management program wid a bucket approach where people are free to chose whatever they want to from a bucket of subjects. Hence SCMHRD does not have an Official HR batch as such.
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Grr... Am not Divya.... The right name is Divyendu.


Just an update-:

SC has stayed the qouta inplemetation for SIU too.. Hence as of now there is no OBC qouta in effect for SIU as well.


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