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the tapmi 2006 notification states they will accept gmat scores!!!
Will it be the case only for NRI and foreign students or also for all those indians taking the GMAT?


its clearly written tat they will accept CAT/GMAT score.. so for indian residents, its CAT ka score only..
my batch started in mid of june n yet a lot to be cover up
so we r avoidind taking any tests at this stage coz i think it could actually demotivate u
but as soon as i start taking tests we'll surely discuss it
by the way howz urs
getting above 40 or not????

hey pankaj.. well i wud agree with the user above me.. (well did nt feel like "agreeing wid baadshah").. its actually a good thing, bt thse mock- cats r organised soo early only to help us n see whre do v stand.. if ppl start thinking like u first lets finish the course, thn will attempt mock-cats, thn why time ppl wud organise thm so soon..? its juzz to see n recognise our good n bad areas n how cn v improve thm.. so get ready fr the nex one on 31st july..

n yes, i did nt get or evn touch 40 in the first one, bt ya, 2nd one mein scored 42.33..

hey Diva..
Thts true tht we hve more 70 % Engineers in our batch ( 2005-07 ) ...
we hve been tellng u the thngs abt Int'l business, exim and all..its nt tht only these ques are asked bt ths wl def gv u the edge as far as the test's GK is concerned...if u dnt go thru these topics, may be u wl still b able to do well bt u wont gt the edge...
and its verrrry imp fr the GD/PI, no doubt abt it at all..wl share wth u our gd pi exp also..bt wl do tht later...
abt the test , u pls go thru the practice questions i hd sent u..tht wl gv u an idea of the kinda quest asked ( tht covers lotsa thngs )...so thts y we hve also been askng u to read as much as u cn..
hpe i hve made myself prety clear !

hey.. ya got it now.. . thanx a lot..
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what..?? half blood prince is prof. snape n he has only killed dumbledore...

chal naa yaar, being on his side or not, its still a magical world...

well.. i m kinda confused.. eveybody here is saying tat exim policy, WTO., trade barriers n all is very important.. so, definately a student wid economics bckg must hv n edge over others, coz all the foreign trade policy thing is in our final year course.. bt sumbody hs also mentioned ki 3/4th of the batch is frm engg. bckg.. yeh funda kuch samajh nai aayaa...

well not much...

- hindi (well national lingo)

- punjabi ( mother tounge)

- english ( necessity in today's times)

- italian ( my best friend's mother tounge.. so he taught me)

- gujrati ( ex boyfriend's mother tounge.. had to learn.. bt only in bits.. break up hua, toh lingo prem bhi khatam hua)

well.. wen this show called "indian idol" started on sony, everybody ws in a kind of frenzy.. the whole nation ws talking about it.. and our own "pg.com" ws no exception.. thread ws started, ppl on that thread chatted, discussed potential winners, gloomed wen thre fav. singer got out n thn propheced fr the nex round.. slowly n slowly, those mellow discussions transformed into backfirings n heated exchange of words.. n evntually mods closed the threads...

now thre is again another musical talent hunt on sony n well, i m quite surprised too see tat thre has been no thread regarding this.. so thot of starting one.. don't knw whether u guys wud appreciate it or not... bt if u guys watch fame gurukul, thn do post in here.. waise my fav is arijit.. wt abt u ppl..?
its really bad tat u all reveal d suspence. :2gunfire:

atleast u should keep it for a week..... . u can never become a secret keeper
and will soon join the death eaters:bad-word: .

chalo.. if being wid death eaters makes us a part of harry's world, i dont mind..!!!

well.. can anybody tell me the procedure of filling up this icfai form..?? i found it kinda confusing..