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Hey Priti.. How are you doing? Not sure, if you would remember me. Logged in after atleast 2 years!

Hi Guys,
I want to know abt the placements in HR at IBS Bangalore campus, as i have also opted for IBS Bangalore. Also if we plan to not to attend the preparatory classes do we need to infrom the college, or is it necessary to attend the same.


Meghna, HR Placements ain't that good here in IBS Bangalore. To be on the safe side you should start searching for some companies with time in hand. Good companies do come in occassionally based on personal contacts of the faculty members but overall do not keep too high expectations.
As for this year, Deloitte stood to be the highest recruiter for IBSB. But they took only 2 students for their HR Profile (KPO).
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for the placement scenarios visit this link
IBS India

Placement data given in the websites are often inflated, be it any college. It is better to ask a student from the same college instead of trusting a random webpage.
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Had been away from this forum for quite some time. Can anyone provide me with the list of current top most MBA Colleges having admission facility through MAT?

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are there anyone from kolkata,who are goin to ibs hyderabad????..if den do reply to this post...
i'd also want to know, how are the hostel facilities and mess expenses in ibs hyderabad...

hope, i'll be helped

Check the other IBS Hyd thread. The cost / expense has been told there by one of your senior.
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Krishnamanaidu Says
Hi....I too got seat in IBS Bangalore and i got admitted for IBS Bangalore,but i havent seen the college yet,could you please tell me about the environment of the college and i heard there is no accommodation for Boys,where will you stay in bangalore,unless you are native for bangalore.Hope we will meet soon in college.give the reply for the mesasge....

Why dont you guys take the pain of browsing through the IBS/ICFAI related blogs before posting your comments. The same can confuse any prospective newcomers.
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This is not the place to fight I guess .... I think this is the thread to help the junior batch with some useful info .... but if anyone wants to see his/her college at top .... I cant help it .... then ya IBS Bangalore can be called as the best ... can be far better than IBS Hyd or Mumbai ....
there are many basis of comparisons ...
placement -- To get facts rite .. refer to placement details of all campuses
infrastructure -- I hv been to 4 IBS campuses (HYD,MUM,BANG,KOL) ... I dont talk in the air
research work
student profile
This is a thread to discuss abt IBS Hyderabad ... I wont be giving any justification behind calling IBS Hyd 1 and IBS MUM 2 .... even juniors are aware of it .... if anyone needs to continue talking abt this comoparisons ... lets have another thread for it .....


MBA(Core Finance)
Batch of 2010-2012

When did you see me fighting? I have been here to help my buddies and juniors for the last one year without getting involved any heated discussions or useless debates. If I had to promote my college, what in the earth am I doing in this thread? Also, did you ever find me ever telling that my college ranks no. 1? But obviously I am not ready to bite in any facts or figures promoted by someone else without having a base on it. Hyd surely ranks no. 1,but it is not for it curriculum. If you have any doubt, kindly go through some of the threads regarding IBS/ICFAI. You would find one of your batchmate bringing out the way of education being followed in Hyd. Kindly do not accuse someone without knowing the actual truth or promote your own college without bringing in the real truth.
spyware Says

Has already been answered by Nipun.
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singla9007 Says
mumbai will come second due to its location and hence palcements

One doesnt needs to place the college in heaven to study.
And what exact comparisons do you put in? Do not use generalized term like location and placements. Be specific and bring out the exact comparison if you can.
PS:- No college is good or bad. It is we the students which sets up a standard for the same. When we perform good, the name of the college shines and when we don't the fame of the college sets down.
Every college pays to the individual companies to get them to the college and take their students. Likewise you would find the salary offered by them almost equal across all the IBS Colleges.
It seems that there is another waiting list allotment going on in the IBSAT website, and i have the option of choosing IBS mumbai as well. Now , i am in a big dilemma and find it difficult to decide whether to opt for Bangalore or Mumbai. Anyone facing such a situation or similar to the same. Any suggestions on which among the two is a better choice ?

@dipyaman, i did check about IBS mumbai and threads relating to the same, but i would truly appreciate your opinion as well..

Thank you ,

Marketing-Bangalore and then Gurgaon
If you are from Delhi NCR Region you can go for Gurgaon.
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