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Any pointers as to how do you sue an institution. I had withdrawn my admission from TAPMI and they have refunded only Rs. 15500 as per their offer letter, out of Rs. 1,69,000. So, pls help me.

i agree to what u say abt the letter but there is a new AICTE Fee Refund Directive which says that u shud get full fee less Rs.1000 if u withdraw admission even a day before college commences... n the confusion is TAPMI is AICTE accredited... So, i meant to ask if its following this rule or not.... Any body has any info on it... do reply back.

Anyone whose left TAPMI n joining other institute... does anyone know how much they gonna refund?

Does anyone know if TAPMI is going to adhere to the AICTE's new Fee Refund Policy? Do any of u have any information on it?

hi all,

has anyone withdrawn the admission from TAPMI? is TAPMI following this directive?

me want to know this with Rs. 1,69000 at stake... help puys!!!

Supreme Court has mentioned that it cannot come up with a decision by this week.... in such a case the IIMs and MDI should come up with the results... since its late for iims tooo to display the results... lets hope for the best n keep our fingers crossed.


i am also in the same condition... me too booking the tickets for IMT... a risk there too with a rank like 912... the trips gonna be a waste..

but why cant MDI declare the results n need to wait for IIMs... it can wait for the last date for payment to go with IIMs but atleast the initial list... the wait is making me mad...

amazing article.... will really prove to be very helpful..
thanks yaar.