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X 75% (CBSE)
XII 75% (CBSE)
B.E. (IT) from SGSITS Indore 63%
Work Ex - 68 months in IT
Extra Curriculars - Played cricket @ state level, School/College/Company Chess Team member

CAT (2010):
DI: 97.4
Quant: 83
Verbal: 99.7
Aggregate: 99.10 (NC-OBC)

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore
Date: 3rd march, 2011

Essay :
Topic:Traditions are means to create inequality in society
Number of Ppl present: 9 students 2 professors
Time: 10 mins essay 12 mins GD
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:Essay was ok I believe. GD- I chipped in about 3-4 times with different points, group started discussing on those lines. In my view, speak less but to the point, just don't get carried away by other people.
Rate your preparation(0-5): 2
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5



P1 began by asking me to describe myself. P2 meanwhile asked me to handover my certificates file.
Me: The common stuff, job..hobbies..family..
P1: Tell me your role and job responsibility
Me:Told in detail about what I do and how important my work is.
P1: Favourite subject in engineering.
Me: S/w engineering(as it is the only thing I know something about)
P1: What is Agile Methodology?
Me: Explained.
P1: From where you are basically?
Me: MP(P1 said your accent has changed to South Indian and started laughing).

Then P2 takes over.
P2: What do you think about tradition? How is it different from Religion?
Me: (Unexpected question may be from essay i wrote) told few things and differentiated.
P2: Your 2 weaknesses?
Me: I am Shy(P1 said we never felt that during the GD as you were speaking well, I told may be I am working frm last 6 years so I improved but still it's a weakness for me), I let the opportunities go easily sometimes(P2 asked how, i gave an example frm the GD whr I let my chances to apeak go to othr peopele coz I ddnt wnt to create the fish market)
P2: ok do you have any questions? we are giving you a chance to work one of your weaknesses(Big Smile).
Me: I don't have any question but I am sure I will get many chances to imrpove my weaknesses once I am in the insti.
P1 and P2 both: Definitely, all the best for your other interviews.
Me: Thanks very much for your time.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 2
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

Overall I felt that I had ok type interview as there were some questions that I should've really answered better. But I believe the body language and the way of answering are more looked for than actual answer
VERDICT: Converted

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Hi Seniors, Do I need to drop mail back to admission office in case I am not joining or not necessary?

I have a issue related to the releiving letter, My company sends the relieving letter and experience certificate to permanent address which can take around 15 days after the last day in the company. Can I get the provisional certifiacte from the company if it works for time being and can submit the original once I get?

I am in Puys....chennai puys can we plan a meet?


Hi Seniors and fellow puys, do I need to send the attested copies of all the extracurricular certificates also?or just marksheets?

Hello Seniors, I am in US and won't be able to send the filled form before 7th Feb. What could be the alternative? Can I fill the form online and mail it or can I fill the form, scan it and mail it?
I have mailed the similar query to the admission office but not sure if I will get reply from them. Can you please check and update me?
Thanks very much.