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Salary day wala question

If you could buy one luxury good, one consumer durable and one lifestyle product today. What would it be?


Luxury Good: Car
Consumer durable: Stereo system with amplifier
Lifestyle product : Car perfume :splat:

But the question is itni salary kab hogi
jab hogi tab hogi .. tab tak :drinking: :cheers:
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What is/are your favourite dish/dishes????....Jisko dekhte hi tumahri aankho mein aansu aa jaaye.....

aankho mein aansu to sizzler khate hue aate hai bas :|
aur kabhi kabhi Dal mein tadka lagate time (not to forget the onion cutting process before that)
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Koi sawal nahi puch raha hai ....

So PP pardon me for posting twice in the same week !!

Share the most embarrassing moment of your life....

Well there would be many embarrassing moments, but I will share the latest
This is about an incident in office One fine day my onsite co-ordinator gave me some cases to test.. I said I will finish it by EOD.. But me being a Kaamchor, spent all day fooling around, gossiping and .. I thought I would finish it in the evening.. But I couldn't finish it
I sent the excel passing all the cases
Next morning onsite co-ordinator calls..
He: Did you test all cases?
Me: Yes
He: I had a few questions
Me: What questions:lookround:
He: How did you test these cases (some 2-3)?
Me: :
He: they require a different login access (I didn't had the access)
Me: :shocked:::shock:

Hope you get a moral too from this story!
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I would really like to see something like the Matrix concept.. you want to learn anything, just deploy that program and boom!!! you become a master in that thing.. life would be much simpler with it no CAT, no MBA
Everyone would be a Genius

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1. Ethics & quants - 592 pages
2. Economics - 505
3. Financial reporting & analysis - 675
4. Corporate finance & portfolio management - 305
5. Equity & Fixed Income - 569
6. Derivatives & Alternative Investments - 279

Approx 3000 pages. But I dont think that wud help u. B'coz difficulty level varies from module to module. For further information check the LOS on www.cfainstitute.org/toolkit. This will give u proper idea and even contents.


Are the books provided by kaplan (Schweser) sufficient to clear the exam?
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Does anyone know what is the passing cut-off marks and is it for each section?
Also is the passing criteria a relative measure?

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Can anyone let me know about which calculator we require for CFA ?
What additional functionality will this calculator provide?

PS: I intend to appear for L1 only, so I won't be using it after this exam.

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Hey Puys,

Wow its been a while since I posted here, 4 years to be precise :)

I am planning to apply to Harvard in 2011. Gave GMAT in 2009 and scored a 730. Havent really researched much on the kind of colleges I may go for, but have a pretty good clarity on the profile I want to look at. Am particularly interested in strategy consulting, with expertise in the Banking & Financial Services domain, thus looking at MBA(Fin) as specialization.

Here's a small brief on my background:

Work Experience: will complete 4.5 years next year (around the time I apply) in a reputed US-based HR Consulting Organization, with most consulting experience in the Banking & Financial Services domain

Education: MBA (HR) from MDI Gurgaon (CGPA: 6.4, passed out in 2006)
CFA Level 3 candidate (Should be giving the exam in June 2011)
Grad - BE (Electronics & Comm)- 68%
XII: 85%; X-85%

Extra-Curricular: Secretary- Alumni Committee (MDI), Have been a part of numerous sports activities (both as a participant & part of the planning team)
Decent contribution towards social/charitable activities: Voluntary member (in capacity of a counsellor) for NACO since 2008.

Kindly apprise me of the suitability of my profile towards application to the top 10 B- schools globally. Thanks!

Why do you want to do MBA again when you already have that degree?
Plus you are already doing CFA so you would already have the finance knowledge.
No, all sections don't require CFA calc. Many subjects r theory. Yeah but quant needs use of calc. Calculation part in L1 is less (around 30% or so). Major part emphasis on understanding of concepts.

I hope this wud help:)

Can you suggest which section I can start with, as I have not yet bought the calculator?

PS: I am from non-financial background, so have I little knowledge about finance.
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Can anyone let me know for which all sections do we need the calculator?I am planning to start with quants section so do I need a calci for that section? :oops:

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