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Hello friends,
Any report on the waiting issue???
no hulchul??


I have just checked got same msg :-(

Hey seniors ne chance tht waitlist may get activated again???

hi all.

please whoever is converting and planning to join IIT Kgp and already paid fee for IIT K, please send mail to IIT K about not joining. This will help waitlister to get a chance for admission. (m on the waitlist if K and thats the only hope i have)

and congrats to all who have converted kgp.

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hi all

I have tried to estimate the no of call sent by IITK. Ths no was around 80 and the max waitlister I found at no 87.
I dont know how this data will help but I am very disapponted after hearing that waitlist clear for 2 only
Is it really possible? Because some where I read that institutes send more call letter than actual seats and even than they declare waitlists and that also get cleared for most of the cases.

I know I wont accept this (as i am also waitlister adn with high hopes) untill it comes officially.
But till than ATB to all waitlisters.

sorry didnt new that result has come officially.
so i think here is end of my MBA journey.

hello all...

ne idea whn IIT K will start sending call to waitlisters..this is already 29....and i m refreshing the result page almost in every 10 min.
this wait is killing :-(
ne way ATB to all waitlisters and may we all get into IITK.....

i just know checked the status on site.
they have changed the date from 18 may to 28 may for waitlist activation.

dont know when the D-day will come..wait is killing waitlisters:-(

i also saw that buddy, but we donnoexactly how many final calls have been issued then. last time iitk would have issued some 100 final calls and get 52 wl cleared but this time it could have reduced the no. of final calls to 70 or 80 or increased to 130, so that wl status may change.... thats why i asked how many calls have been issued......

by the by, if you got selected at iitm, post your willingness or unwillingness to join in the spreadsheet


jus click on this link it will direct to the google spread sheet website,signin there with

user name : jmet.iitm and password : iitmjmet2007

and enter the details.........

thank you

hey one confusion 100 final call means confirm + waitlisted = 100 ?
And this year I saw one of the waitlister at 86. So if 40 seats are thr than total will be around 135+ right.....

i didnt get into IITM...K is the only hope......
lets see ....will get into K or not....wht ur guess says
hi frnds
any one have idea about, how many final calls have been issued by IITK.

@ all seniors
wat was the final no. of merit calls issued last year....



I saw last year's batch profile on IITK website. There were 31 students. and I saw some where on last year's thread that waitlist around 50 got cleared. But still no idea abt this year's intake.
Me too in waitlist (74)
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I am on cloud no 9...first ever semi convert.......
i m waitlisted..thats the only thing I have in my hand......

hey puys please participate in poll. It will give relief to wiatlisters..........

Congrats to all who converted it....

Hi Seniors

I am in waitlist. And status will be cleared after 18th may. This is my only hope. So can u tell us how many people are there in waitlist. And how many will clear it.

Thanks in advance.....


My que is quite genuine
Let us take a case that sm1 say X with rank 700 opts for IMT N (HR) as IMT G is full by that time
So in 2nd counseling will it be like that first X will be given chance to upgrade or will it be like that the people who have not attended 1st counseling say with below 96 percentile will be given priority.

Also say 60 more seats are freed in case of IMT G be4 2nd counseling, so in that case will X be given a chance to have those seats?? Simply I mean to asl what is the possibility of inter institute up gradations?
Please help at earliest

All seems to be in gray area as of now

hey bro tx for raising the q.

Seniors I do have the same query. And add one more if Mr Y can't attend the first counseling, can he appear for next one?????

tx in advance
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