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hi ,
Let me introduce myself because that is going to be relevant for your response that I am looking forward to, after reading this mail. I am in my final year at IIT Kanpur . I had an extraordinary academics till date. I got AIR 38 among 2.25 lac candidates in IIT-JEE2001.
Now, some serious stuffs.. Of late I have been in the worst kind of dilemma about my career. 2 months back I started serious preparation for cat.. Last year I took CL mock cat 7 and got rank 10 out of 9901 candidates. I feel that getting into IIMS will not be a big problem for me.. But, as is the general trend in Bihar, I am also attracted towards IAS which according to me, is tougher than CAT
I thought of taking cat this year but now I feel that if I get into IIMs it will be a very difficult decision whether to dump it in favour of an arduous and uncertain journey towards IAS.. And if I decide in favour of IIMs, it will be almost a herculean task to motivate myself for IAS....
The age restriction for IAS is 21 to 30 years. I am still 19 and will be eligible for IAS in 2006 only and the result will come in 2007. So, it will take atleast 3 years from now to have any chance of me getting into IAS.. Serious preparation for IAS will certainly require me leaving my job for atleast 2 years.
Please, let me know your opinions as it can go a long way to shape my future.
Certainly, this has been the worst dilemma of my life as I flipped between the two 3 times :oops:


P.S:: All the ranks I have given is not to boast of my achievements, but to possibly give you an inside out view of my academic standing and suitablity for a career..I apologise if I sound arrogant or boastful to anyone

well dude....instead of asking this question to the pg peepz...u shud ask urself wat to do. What does your heart tell u to do? Money or Power? Authority ? glamour? wat? Coz no matter wat we say or advice finally its totally your call.

A MBA and an IAS are contrasting careers in different domains altogether.Each career has its pros and cons.

And dude i've seen many a HERO fall in CAT. So dont get overconfident. I suggest you take CAT this year and decide when you actuallly manage to get a call from IIMA.

that was my humble $0.02

dimwitz0 happens to be a five-syllable id. too complicated for my memory sometimes. so gonna change over to a shorter and simpler name...



dimmy (aaah! feels nice)

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Hi guys
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hi mohit,
there are no fixed fixed weightages....they tend to vary a lot.....so this question is not a simple one to answer...neways the following are an interesting read


cheers and BOL,

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hai friends,
i am a silent reader and a cataspirant.this disgussion is very useful since wecan shre several ideas regar CAT also giant-IIMA.
now i am seriously preparing for CAT.reg my quali i finished my BE -IT in 2003.
i was attracted by this CAT from oct -2003.so i thought to prepare for CAT 2005.
now due to my family situa i was need to get in to any job.so i joined in a government school as computer fauctly from oct -2003 and i also concentrated in it without trying for other job.
now my worry is if i get selected in top bschools.i am not having a relevant
terchnical experience.will they accept my faculty exper.now i am having idea to leave this job.and concentating in cat.
please give me a idea and also whether jun -nov time month enough.

hi sekar,

what exactly do u mean by technical exp? u mean an IT related software job? well being a faculty of computers in a govt. school , IMHO, is no way bad. You only need to justify to the panel why you want to shift your career from Education to management. Think up of some good answer , that should do.

please do not leave your job for cat preps. stick to it. but do devote a decent amount of time for ur preps. giving up a steady job for cat preps is not a good idea, especially for the fact that CAT is highly a game of chance and even after lot of preps ppl do miss out. keep this job as a backup option.but then again its your call whether you want to take this calculated risk.

jun-nov is good enough if you are sincere, serious and regular .

cheers and BOL.
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i am soumajit bhowmik , 3rd year , metallurgical and materials engineering , b-tech , IIT Kharagpur . a senior of mine told me about this site....good work pagalguy....hope i'll get all the help i expected to get while i joined this forum. and all the best to other aspirants as well !!

welcome aboard
the god of kgp LAN is here finally... now dont flood n spam here and keep the sanctity .... we are grp of moderates...not eXXXtremists like u ok??? ;)

and btb whrs my 1 GB of sylvia saint u promised?

Catalytic Says
Do ppl get ragged in B-Schools :shock:

Do Seniorz have da time???

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nice and humorous :)


PS: if anyone would come up with excuses if caught sleeing in class in B Skool ?

now mihir dont tell me u gonna sleep at B after all this anxious wait ;)

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jeez dimwitz0..
ur stuff is good man..no need to sound so apologeitic..and one thing that strikes me in general (and while going through this thread in particular) is that the raison d' etre of many works (poetry mainly) is sadness,despair,guilt..whatever u call it..is sadness( using this word in an aprxmte sense) a necessry pre requisite? does it add a more soulful tinge to poetry? reminds me of shelly's " to a sky lark"..

We look before and after,
And pine for what is not:
Our sincerest laughter
With some pain is fraught;
Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought

waitin to hear ur thoughts on it ppl...

Y'know, IMHO it's definitely easier to write in a depression. Which is why it's often said that a good comedy or a good funny composition is far more difficult than a sad one... I for one, can not write when I am in a good mood. It's only in my deepest depressions. And it's also a proven fact that depressions are the most creative phases (innumerable surveys bear this out) so I guess that explains things.....WHY??? No idea. Guess, at least it's one reason to love the blues!


I totally agree with you Mike. We tend to vent our frustrations and let our feelings evaporate thru poems/writings when in the depths of depression. And yeah depressions are necessary phases of life. teaches us to treasure the good times.
Humour {and not Satire} is the hardest to compose. Takes a lot to bring smiles on others faces.

geeez how did i miss this thread for so long? after goin thru all the posts i was like WOW WOW.
indeed im privileged to be in such creative company.

Apurv u brought out complete poetry in all those pictures. if u are an amateur ...heheh i wonder how good professionals are

Ayesha ur Break UP theme Composition was absolutely wonderful....really touchy.
and Manish so was ur Dream Compostion...
and Rakesh_natraj ....that was a gem man... beautifully expressed.
and to suhas-neo.. well u got an alternative career option u know that ??? :)

guys im not that expressive a poet as u guys are...but this composition of mine was penned quite some back when ..well i had become quite a depressed soul :oops:

All alone i came to this being,
all alone this world ive been seeing,
all alone in winter and in spring,
alone all alone in this motley ring.

All alone i fought on,
alone all alone i hoped for a new dawn,
even when all hopes were gone,
alone all alone forever,a conclusion foregone!

All alone when people come in,
all alone in camaraderie, alone from within
all alone when friends go out,
alone all alone in this life long drought!

All alone in love and compassion,
all alone under the scorching sun,
all alone in the end run,
alone all alone when its time to trigger the gun.

So all alone today i shall die,
all alone today when i finally cry,
after a million years of tribulations gone by,
alone all alone when i wave a final goodbye.

comments awaited.


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