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hi all IMI puys!!

i too got a call! (was expecting with 98.09%ile)..

can anyone give the type of extempore topics.ie abstract or factual??

and is the avg sal really 8-9 lakhs? how much can one expect on the average in hand after spending 6 lacs for 2 yrs?please suggest...no offense ment!:shocked:


the extempore topics will be a mixed bag, can be factual or abstract, depending on your luck.

as far as the avg sal. is concerned, it was 7.4 L (domestic avg) last yr. since, the college is yet to come out with an official report on this yr's placements, we can't divulge the exact facts and figures, although be rest assured there will be a surge in figure compared to last yr.

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check this for last year


PGDM 120



i think there seems to be some misprint in madatory disclosure, most probably the approved seat in the hr course is 60, but, i'll still re-confirm wih the college authorities and let you all know of the same.

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loverofyear Says
plz some1 throw some light on avg, highest and lowest packages in hr!

since the college is yet to come out to with an official report, we can't divulge with the exact facts and figures regarding placements. but, you can assume, the average salary of hr batch to be around 10-15% lower than that of pgdm.

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Anuj Malviya Says
hi pankhuri,this is anuj malviya and too have a call for hr. have any idea about the placement of hr batch,i have a work ex of5 yrs + with "indian railways" and "lic of india"so m i goin to get a better packege than my current one with lic which is 4.something in core marketting,thanx and ATB for gd/pi

hi anuj

the placements for the hr batch has been quite good this yr, although we can't divulge any facts and figures until the college comes up with an official figure. but, be assured that placements is the last thing u need to worry abt before taking up the course. first try to guage your interest level in hr and then opt for it (that is if you make the final selection). companies would consider you as lateral candidate since you have around 5 yrs work ex, but, some might not, since the work ex is not relevant to hr.

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azotae Says
as far as i rember thr web-site says CAT-scores are given weightage...along wid extempore/PI/acads/writing (essay)....

till last yr, IMI used CAT score only for shortlisting, and i guess, it will stay the same this yr too.

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zingaro3130 Says
can any tell me bout no, of seats in imi-hr program????/////last year it was 60 ....is it increasing this time????/seniors please reply

the no. of seats approved for the hr course is 60. however, IMI reserves the right to select fewer candidates as it would not want to compromise with the quality of student intake. thus, we have a batch of 44 in 2006-08, and 36 in 2007-09. i won't be surprised if they again take lesser students then the approved 60 seats.

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sonalgirdhar Says
hey i had applied to imi for pgdm and i secured an overall cat percentile of 96.71 and sectionals as 94.35, 97.05 and 74.40. however my name does not figure in the list of qualified candidates. my cat reg no is 5190710 and form no is 307734. can u tell me wat cud be the reason for this??

hi sonal

its indeed very surprising to know that your name does not figure in the list of qualified candidates. we'll find out from the admissions office and will get back to you tommorrow.

-deepak (pgdm-hr, 2nd yr)
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@seniors nd my batchmates
i hv taken up pgp in imi nd nw i hv got a call from iit kharagpur also...so m in a bit of dilema wethr to thnk once for kharagpur ovr imi or nt.
so please if ppl here cn help me tkng a wise decision wthgt being partial to imi bt just by gvng d advantages of 1 ovr d othr...

hi varun, i feel both b-schools r almost at par. as curtz said compare the advatages and disadvantages of both b-schools n go for the one which better suits ur interest. placement wise, both the instis r almost at par, coz although vgsom is new, but due to the strong iit-kgp alumni, placements r not too much of a problem with big brands making their way for recruitment. where, imi does score over vgsom is the course curriculum, faculty, locational advantage, etc. imi has 6 terms in 2 yrs whereas vgsom has 4. vgsom also gives 1 month holiday after each semester, so the rigour is definately a lot lesser, (according to me mba course rigour must be high). plus, most of the faculty are localites (bongs) in vgsom which again takes away a bit of a flavour that mba offers. plus, in vgsom, all ur batchmates will be engineers, which takes away the diversity that u'll get in imi. although, vgsom will offer u more interaction with work ex junta, coz its heavily favoured towards it. take all the considerations into lite, n make ur decision......... regards, deepak.
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The list of students alloted hostel has been put up on the website. do check it out.

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just to let the alumnis know that Prof. Rajat Kathuria (Registrar), will be present for Alumni Meet in Bangalore on 3rd June. Hope, its an added advantage for you all to be there for the meet. regards, deepak.

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