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Hi please tell me one thing......

For workex is it suffice to show offer letter or we are also suppose to show pay slips...I am asking this because I was on LEAVE WITHOUT PAY during mid of dec till 10th jan....I did not get the salary fore whole jan, as pay slip gets generated for the month before 10 jan...........

can I show only Offer letter n Pay slip till DEC

Hello Neelansh,

You have to show up the pay slip of the last month you served in your company. The purpose of the payslip is not to check your salary but to verify your work experience which can not be achieved by Offer letter.

Hope it helps.

Dikshit Jain
Goa Institute of Management
Hi puys! GIM call finally ! :clap:

Overall : 89.33
QA : 55.57
VA : 95.38
DM : 86.71
Interview Centre : Brigade Millennium Center, Bangalore.
Time and Date of interview : 1.30 PM, 28 February, 2012
Time and Date of mail sent by GIM : 10.18 AM, 15 February, 2012

Congratulations. Start updating your knowledge bank on the topics mentioned by Avinash Kumar Jha in his earlier posts. All the best :o

Dikshit Jain
Goa Institute of Management
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While I was reading this article, I recollected my first Team meeting which took some 9 hours to reach on the conclusion.. And I was thinking in my mind .. WTF !!! Why this Team meeting.. I can do the whole assignent in 1 hr. if I need to do it alone and also with improved Quality.... But I forgot one thing.... Submission of the assignment was not the ultimate aim but to perform in a team effectively was the given task on which we have to evaluate ourselves. And then The whole frustration turned up into a silent smile on the face..

huh.... the learning is coming out from there...... Its so good.. "My opinion is completely different from my group members on the slide"..... i love it.... I am borrowing it from you for my other presentations.

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Hello there... I am yet to receive the hard Copy of my admission Letter. I called a lot of times but of no use, either it was busy or there is no one to pick the call. I am even dropping a mail everyday for this but the results are no different.
The curiosity of the hard copy has a lot of reasons behind it. I need an Education Loan for the 2nd Payment and also for Sabbatical Leaves.

Moreover My XAT Id : XAT237891 is not in the spreadsheet which is shared by GIM Guys. I have confirmed my transaction over phone with Jennifer Ma'm.

Can you give any kind of tentative date,when GIM admission people starts communicating?

I personally request GIM guys to look in this matter and tell GIM admission authority to atleast reply to our mails. And It will be very nice of seniors if someone shares gmail id.

Thanks in Anticipation.

@ GIM Guys:- I didn't receive my admission letter yet and I need it for many purposes. One is to apply for Sabbatical leaves and another is to apply for the education Loan. I need assistance of all the GIM Guys on this.

@ Jatin, Varun :- Can you share your contact no or any personal E-mail Id, in case you don't have any problem?

you can send me a mail on

Actually , i need some sort of assistance.
Thanks in Anticipation.

No Confirmation of any kind till now.

I tried to contact overnite people( Courier Service ) but they need reference no. to trace the admission letter sent by GIM admissions.

Also,I have paid the amount a week ago but didn't get any response in return.

Didn't get the admission letter till now and also the confirmation of the payment. Its been 4 days.

Did GIM start dispatching them?

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
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I also became the victim of this hoax. My ears started listening the auscultations of being selected in one of the IIM's this academic year.