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Need a little help guys!
Can someone findout my result by calling LIBA
My Liba id is 5035
name- Divya Singh
cat id- SR7484992
I am trying to call them for two days now but somehow call is not able to connect.
Also i unknowingly gave wrong primary e-mail id.

See you guys at MICA on 12th of April

Converted IMT- N PGDM program. Still waiting for other results. They have asked to deposit 50k as the first installment of fees. Is it refundable in case i dont take admission? Help!

YAY, got shortlisted.
I have my GDPI on 12th.
Anyone in the same slot?

On waitlist for PGDM core.
CAT- 88.61
I filled for PGDM(IB) as well, nothing has been said about that.

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Name: Divya Singh
CAT %ile: 88.61
Work-ex: nil
City(Native & Place of GDPI): ISI, Delhi on 31st March
Graduation: BBA

I have mentioned wrong e-mail id in the LIBA form. Send 3 mails to LIBA but didn't get any reply also tried calling but due to some connection problem not able to here any voice from other side. I don't have any password to login and check my status. Can someone tell me what to do now?

Can i plz get a contact no. of LIBA's admissions cell. Thankyou!

In a big trouble. I filled the LIBA form through Shiksha.com on 19th feb. Got the mail regarding my order. But now i am unable to login to site to check whether my form got received by LIBA. My whole profile is missing. The site is not recognizing my email id. I didn't receive any mail from LIBA as well. What should i do now?

Does someone knows what kind of essays are likely to come?