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Hi Girish
Happy BirthDay..
Take care

Ramesh R
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Well..i m posting in PG after hell lot of time!!
Seems loadz many ppl still gearing up for a ride@infosys!!

well..i m already in the boat..
lets see..hw great the ride is..as of now..its really **$$#**
bt anyways..congrats all who managed a ticket for the boat ride@mysore!!


loggin to PG and gettin time to post after full 10 days..nd wat a great thread i get to see here
anil..aka boxer bhai ..kya bat hai!!
well..lets see..wat bhai gt to say!!

ramesh r.

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hey picklu_hit..why dont u better head to the thread below:

(People joining tcs this year.. )
u will have answers to all ur query!!
nd yar..b4 u strt a thread..use the search option!!

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C'mon man....just because dance bars close down, it rains heavily, you put Kgp over B ?

the freak

i just dint gt wat u wanna say..i mean kgp over B.. :-?
newe..if itr ws suppose 2 b funny..it ws FUNNY indeed!!
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well..i seriouslly dont know..how ppl here claimin that junta@PG dont want ranking!!

i mean the poll shows clearly what junta wants!!
nd i guess to discuss bout parameters and strategy for a better ranking system is defi a good idea.
ComeOn if ppl here have so much problem with the present day ranking systems( i do have the same opinion..tht its crap) we 'd defi come up with ideas to improve it and not just neglect it.
Ranking is needed cause for a general public plannin to pursue higher education..i mean students in school nd college level..who have really not been thru high fi discussions @PG or never been in touch with B-Schoolers or Any BE/BTech grad..can go for a choice of schools only with the help of these rankings!!
tell me..all of us..how we get to know..IIT Kgp 1..IIM A is no 1 and all..only coz..of these rankings..wat makes all the junta@appearin cat think of getting in IIMA nd not others..its all due to rankings which had been there!!

And just tell me..what if a new college is set up..if we dont have rankings..to decide their performance ..then i m sure ppl wont bother bout them..even if they have the best results or facilities..hai ki nahi!!
And..if there is no rankings..den chances are IIM A will remain numero uno forever..even if IIM B ,IIM C or say MDI or any XYZIM gets far ahead of it in all aspects!!
Need of the time..is that we'd have a better ranking system which is certainly nt biased nd covers all the important aspects needed for judgiing a college!!

ramesh roshan

>>PS: Just wanted to add one more point..why a good ranking system is alwys needed in india..coz..i bet if india today or outlook..give some XYZIT or XYZIM top spot for continious three or four years..the general rush for these colleges will see a tremendous change..nd can even b more then best ones right now!!

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well i used 2 watch t.v. but nowdays i think it has now b'come an idiot box.
blindly copying west (as their silverscreencounterparts ) has b'come a fashion.the so called indian cultural tv soaps have given even bold & beautiful a run for their money.
..I second u on these points..seriouslly TV is no more worth watchin aprt frm the movie channels .Discovery ,NGC..star world !!
well..comin to the thread..my list of fav TV serial will be:
>> Neev( mohit's post reminded me of this great hostel life saga)
>> Vomkesh bakshi ( amazing!!)
>> Stone Boy( dont know..if junta here remembers this sunday show on DD )
>>Mind your language
>> F.R.E.I.n.D.S
>> Neem Ka Ped

nd..soo many..mostly fron the old times in DD!!

ramesh roshan

Well..I think its a great move on the part of Government to open an IIM in North East.
What i have read from the previous post..seems the junta at PG is reactin with a very sarcastic note for this whole IIM-S!!
Come On..i dont think even IIM-A was at the top position right from the day 1 of its creation..so what is the point to crib about ranking or how infrastructure will or how will faculty stay or students prefer!!

Even tough it starts functionong from 2006 session..nd even if quality of people going there will be just 95-96 percentile..but still i am sure guys/gals joinin there wont b bad..and ultimately any school,be it a management ,technical,medical etc etc..depends mainly on the performance of student..which i have a serious doubt that wont b bad..but infact good!!

I am sure it wont take more then 3-5 years to make its presence in the B-Skool rankings with the IIM infra nd quality of students!!
And its also a good move for the cause of North East..
I mean we just want them in map of India..and never want to associate them with the mainstream!! I bet if i ask all the seven states and their capital forming the north east..60% of junta will b ..nd tough it may sound hard..but its the fact try it urself!!
Even in the previous posts Johan quoted IIM in Mizoram..and if any arguments arises..we will simply pass this mistake as.." yar one and same- Who cares"!!
So my idea is..we'd welcome the government's move nd look forward for an IIM in Meghalaya weather functional by this year or next!!
If we want North East as part of india..we need to appreciate moves like this and not just crib upon them..just coz idea doesnt sounds good for short term..or personal interests!!

Ramesh Roshan

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somuchforaname Says
hello guyz.....i can take a breather now that i a nice ...........nd yea anyone joining infy bhubaneshwar dc....in this forum???

well..strange u r being given a direct posting nd no training in mysore!!
anyway..reg bhubh center nd all..u can refer back few posts..nd check for vamsi's post..Pm him..or contach him in his yahoo id..i hope he will b of help for u

ramesh r.
That catches my attention dude .....

Everyone Joining Infy these days are with the idea that they learn for 2 years and use this knowledge elsewhere.... aint bad at all


well..ya..this wat i have seen among all my batchmates..nd infact evryone i know..
but i guess..wen evryone tinkin dat ways..its better to stick here!!