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Here i come
Add me to the list of no call getters too.
I still think it's wrong to call this a casualty list though i must admit that a few heavyweights have taken a tumble around here.
as for bingo , we won't allow such a cool guy to leave this forum so abruptly . The cat bought us all so close but we have other things to bind us together . Hope the forum is still a platform to xchange ideas and thoughts and provide help to others
me an engineer too . attempt around 75 , had a good accuracy , 1 yr work ex but absolutely no calls ..
abt cat 2003 can't say now . looking to get a good work ex b4 i take a dive again into the feline species ..
i have learnt a lot from the cat preps
1 to be able to dream high
2 to be determined
3 not be distracted by odd failures
4 gauge my strengths and weaknes
5 neve say die spirit
6 and lastly the ability to rise like a phoenix everytime i feel down

guyz i will be back and back with a bang
hope to see u all on the forum active ....
c ya soon
over and out

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Hi folks,

Just now I got a message from my dad saying that I've got a call from IIMB . Hope many of u get the same good news once u go back home tonight.


hey congrats to Deepak,bharath,foundation2er,cs90001,prats and all the others who have got the calls ..
wish u all the very best for the next round
hope many of us wud join them in the second round
waited with bated breath for the elusive daakiya...
hey PG , are the daakiya's of mumbai punctual and prompt in their delivery ???
i am looking up my mailbox everyday :wink: :wink: :wink:

happy b'day tweety
have a gr8 day ahead of u and a gr8 yr too
make a resolution today of letting us know what ur real name is ..

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hey harry
wishing u a very very happy b'day buds
njoyyyyy the day ..

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me too jumping in this excercise
abt the result timings
10 th of february at 10.00 am
abt the call getters
here is the list
1) BINGO ( my oh my in every list this guy features at the top)
2) GAURAV( almost certain to land up with multiple calls)
9)kunalrana999 and of course
10)yours truly (i am always optimistic)

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And i found the answer to a lot of my Qns. I had been unhappy because i wasn't living my life. i was just trying 2 fit in and be admired by my friends - just another normal fucked up teen, right

what u said ravi is true for many people . We lead lives conditioned by
"acceptability by our peers, desires of our parents and lure of the lucre "

There are very few people who manage to buck the trend and follow their heart and lead their own life . And that is what i tried to do when i vied for the olympics of all examinations( CAT). Basically i am a Civil engineer who shud ideally design structures,execute plans and erect huge builidings. But the management bug bit me when i was in my final yr of schooling . Previously swayed by the civil services (a la UPSC) this engineer veered towards CAT when i was convinced tht i had more to offer than just cement concrete ratios.beam loads and column pressures
The experiences of people like u , PG, bingo,gaurav and others on this forum inspired me to give CAT my best shot and get the best out of me..
I am not saying tht the lure of the lucre is not a factor in my decision but more than that it is the satisfaction of doing what u want ,taking ur own decsions and deciding the course of ur life .
The best part was i was able to assess my talents ,analyse them and unleash them in the field of my choice..

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dear hemanth,
Wishing u a fun-filled,happy and very very succesful year ahead of u .
May all ur wishes come true and god impart u the strength to pass out with flying colors in every exam of life ...

P.S. For god's sake talk to ur femme fatale(the alluring female)today and let us know the details ...

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hi people
count me in tooooooooo
i stay on the central side though
we can have a lively discussion in powai (hiranandani) or somewhere along that side ...
keep us informed
the count is upto 7 now...

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Aadab from Shadab(that's my real name )
hey dear frenz thx a million for wishing me a happy b'day ..
and manduks i will surely remember to make a wish b4 i blow the candles today..
it feels gr8 to celebrate my b'day on the most interactive,intelligent and friendly forum on CAT in the country ...
i shall pray for atheists, agnostics and all people on the forum so tht they may succeed in all their endeavours ...
all the very best people
thx again

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hi people
back after a long hiatus .. got the spine chilling news of CAT results as i browsed thru the forum . i was anticipating results only by month end but thx to bingo and his habit of revealing inside information and scaring the wits outta me i am looking forward to some restless days and sleepless nights ...
anyways all the best to all of you and may all of us succeed ...

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