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Also but with the kind of exposure that you get while visiting & staying in these places is of immense use. A lot of people even from prestigious institutes start by doing sales only & only after grinding it out for a couple of years do they get the luxury of a nice office with 5-6 people under them who would be reporting to him/her........

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Hii mehak

Your endeavour is deeply appreciated. IILm is going to have its annual I-FEST in the third week of Dec. It would be a great experience for all the people at ICCHA if students & their friends alike & contribute in any which way possible.........please spread the word

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we are as part of IILM are planning to have an interactive session with maximum Alumnis who would be willing to join us during the I FEST. The discussions & their moderation can be decided by the Alumnis & students jointly.
Interested students can contact Prashant.kala@iilm.edu & Neha.lal@iilm.edu or the Alumni Cell

hii shikha

Marketing as a career for girls is absolutely an option. A lot my female friends have actually opted for marketing as a career choice notwithstanding the taboo that comes with it. they currently work with respected companies like P n G & HUL...

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Events like the prestigious Vivekananda Memorial Debate Competiton, the AD-MAD show, various cultural shows like solo singing & dancing , group dancing & singing & hallmark events like BEST MANAGER EVENT & EXTEMPORE are gonna be held.
So please make yourself available & felt in the best possible way


hii all

this is just to bring to your notice that the annual I-FEST is going to be held at both the campuses is going to be held in the 3rd week of december 2011. So calling all interested folks out there...... give it your best shot

hi shikha

companies like estee advisors pvt ltd which is a quant based analytic s firm & time out which is very renowned name in the virtual advertising world have come to our campus to find trainees for their different live projects. The former even has offered an employment opportunity to one of our students which has been duly accepted.

If any more queries do come back........

Hey All

We at IILM do run a home grown NGO inside the campus. We have a large numbers of volunteers who work day & night to bring some smiles to kids faces throughout Delhi NCR. We do organize Fairs & Workshop on a quarterly basis. This NGO has a huge following in all the Five campuses & is gaining strength day by day.

Hope to see some support!!!!!

Hi Dhiren,

Me being an Alumni of the 08-10 batch from IILM Lodhi Road would definitely like to be a part of this community.

Hope we find many stalwarts from IILM here

Happy Posting

Hi sir

We do have a lot of your batch mates with us. Like Saharsh Bambey & Neha Lal Ma'am. You must be knowing them I hope.

So do hope to see you there!!!!!
Hi Dhiren

Is this exchange program compulsory for all the students? And then due to this the fee will also go up.

Dear Anuj

The exchange program me is merit based. So its not at all mandatory to go for that. You will first need to have the minimum required CGPA to be in contention. Then also its totally your prerogative whether you choose to go or not.