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ajaya Says
MITSOM n MITSOB are same colleges?? or same campus with diff names? IF they r not same then which one is better?

MITSOM and MITSOB are different colleges.

MITSOM is better and it comes under CET. It is affiliated to Pune University.

MITSOB offers PGDM and other courses. It does not come under Pune University. Its autonomous.
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MIT telicom management.

Add MIT-MBA to that.

MIT- MBA share placements. These come under CET.

At times MITSOB.

MITCOM and MIT telecom mgmt have their own placements.
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HI puys,
I got MITSOM, pune in 3rd round. I have heard name of this college many times but actually know nothing about it. How is the college n last year placements. What are the advantages n disadvantages of this college? plz reply.

u can expect avg package around 2.5 to 3 lacs.
MITSOM has many sister branches (i think 5-6)+ their own pgdm +telecom management students.It sums around 800-900.
and have cntralised placemnts.

College is good. It has 3-4 sister institutes. Total comes around 550-600.
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again no offense.. bt sinhgad has PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT CELL IN PUNE AS WELL AS MUMBAI... i think this will clear your doubt...

and sorry but if anybody thinks he/she is below average then care about 1800 students in competition.. otherwise think of just 200-250 odd candidates...

hey sameer...

dont take it personally but can you inquire in colg and tell that y was the increase of seats in MIT were canceled by AICTE.. i mean this is confusing coz MIT is at par to sinhgad in repo..

again let me be clear no offense intended...

Placement cell and actual placements are different....aren't they?
I'm not against Sinhgad....but the fact we have landed up in these institutes tells us that we are no above-average students. That is why I said that....its just playing safe.

By your logic too...in MIT we would consider around 100-150 students in competition at the max. I have thought quite a lot about this decision so I know a few things. I'm not talking about being better but I'm talking about being easy to get the most out of it. :-o

MIT wanted to increase intake of MITSOM...they eventually did but AICTE made them reduce 30 seats from their sister institute....so it was kind of adjustment made at the last moment.

No offense taken from your posts and none intended in mine.
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u hav preferred SIOM vadgaon over MITSOM kothrud
may i know the reason
and which one amongst the two has better placements
plz reply as i need to submit the 3rd option form

just would like to add my opinion here....no offense meant to anyone....

you've to fight 1800+ students at the time of placements in sinhgad....whereas in MITSOM this number will be around 550-600 max....its up to you!

Do the calculations if you like maths!
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i don't understand why this soo soo much marketing theory is needed for mba
frankly speaking after exam no one is going to remember anything

kitabi kida
in goa there r only 25 seats for mba which i miss to apply
they have no exams
3 full sem they have projects
and last sem complete internship and training

this is something diffirent in pune
they have theory business

actually speaking what we will be earning after mba will be very less than
what this people will r getting by renting there room for students
it's a big business in pune
u have room near college than rent it and earn thousands
if we have such rooms than who wants to get job man ?

they r monopolist

do u have any idea about holidays like now ganesh chaturthi is coming
or they r going to make us attend lectures on chaturthi day

Does any of these posts relate to the thread named as "Pune...which colleges to apply..."?????

You are Rajjuram aren't you?
You've been banned once for posting irrelevant stuff. Do you want to happen it again?
manju1087 Says
Hi sameer,whts ur strem of graduation? and why do u choose systems? i dnt hv much idea abt systems plz tell me abt this stream

I'm an IT engg, fresher.

Its ok if you don't have any knowledge of a/c....coz most science graduates haven't studied it before. So don't worry, we will be learning it from basics.
Every college under UoP has a NRI quota + SAARC quota I guess ...
and also sme seats for Foreigners ....

Its for engineering AFAIK...not for MBA.
Hi,i got MITSOM,i did law so tell me which stream is better for me?and for which stream MITSOM has better placements?
plz reply

Do not go after placements.

What do you like and how would you like your profile to be?

BTW you have to decide your stream in 2nd year....1st year is common for everyone. So don't worry.

General trend in MITSOM is Finance. But then chance of you getting selected will become less as number of students will be more.

I've got MITSOM too. I'll be taking systems.

Is it just me or is DTE site not working?
I hope everything goes by schedule this time...:oops:

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