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NOW the journey begins ..
@kplight Can you tell the procedure for VIZAG ..i havent appeared for gate .Also what is *AIL ?
Thanks ..
NOW the journey begins ..

I have 64.xx % in grad (BE I.T) . the eligibility is 65% ,still I want to appear for the exam .Can I apply for ISRO ? Please answer .

NOW the journey begins ..
NOW the journey begins ..
NOW the journey begins ..
NOW the journey begins ..
NOW the journey begins ..

^ they also asked me what is cloud computing.kya karta hai .example. .seems to be a fav of mumbai panel.

NOW the journey begins ..
Venue : MUMBAI
Date: 18th Feb Time: Forenoon
Process started at sharp 9 am.

Calls :IIM Kashipur only
Girl -engg (IT) - 2012 passout.work ex:close to nothing

reach the venue by 8.30am .You have to note your serial number and panel number from the list displayed in the WAT room .Arrange the documents in the specified order .the panel did not check my file .Any sort of verification wasn't carried out (i found this weird ) .They didnt ask for xerox copies of any doc .

WAT Topic:Instead of complaining about the current state of affairs of the country ,college students should participate in politics to bring about he change they desire... Do you agree .give you views .
WAT :25 minutes-300 words

the panle had informed us beforehand that each interview is going to last for about 12-15 minutes . He also told us if anybody ahd to catch a train/flight ,on request ,they wld be interviewd early .

Panel consisted of 3 men.
P1 :old P2,P3 : middle aged
*griiled on why constant decrease in marks from 10th to engineering
*which was my most favorite subject in engineering ..followed by some questions on Data Structures ,OS
*long term goals .
*why not MTech .Why mba
*whr is IIM kashipur .which state .how to reach .
*director of kashipur
*which specialistn in MBA
*why this iim .you can reappear for cat next yr.
*Mharashtra Governor
*Adarsh Scam
*random GK questions
*scams ,what shld be done
verdict : rejected .the panel wasnt convinced with my ans(marks,mba)
Its just like chatting with a stranger .they just want to know you (In ten minutes !!!!) .keep cool .be confident .be yourself .All the best guys .
* around 30% guys wore blazers . Rest of them formal shirt +tie .
2 gals wore salwar kameez rest of them wore formals .(around >10 girls were present)
* there were 6-7 panels ,with each panel assigned

NOW the journey begins ..
NOW the journey begins ..
NOW the journey begins ..