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Yeh..Thanks mate.

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I just need to edit an old post, which
turns up on google search page in rather misleading fashion when
somebody searches my name on google.

but the thread is been closed. can somebody help?

link to the post is,

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vinod1981 Says
Deepak, I think that is probably cause the JB seat is for Home Unv (Mumbai Unv) candidate.

cmmon vinod,i said 1 seat for GNT2O and not GNT2H ..BTW there were total three seats in JB two for GNT2H and one for GNT2O...I even know the guy who got that seat..

man u know me..i didn't expect this from u atleast!!!
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I'm doing PGDBM from Sydenham.

Check this out

Application ID MB0621954
Roll Number 22020048

Aapparently there was one seat for GNT2O in JB but i didn't get it..reason being change of rankings after submission of option forms (submission of certificates to claim the reservation was allowed along with the option form)

There was no seat in Sydenham MMS for GNT2O.

It may happen with some of be ready for shock!!!

I hope against it happening though.

All the best.

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All CET aspirants

I am PGDBM student of Sydenham,read on the bold lines for my response

i) "Sydenham has the worst college timings ever" (What does that mean? Tell me the ideal college timing). Being a government college, all these lectures are arranged by us students(Is it a bad thing? especially for budding managers to have the freedom to select the faculty), which affects a lot, especially for people not staying close to sydenham. Lectures at 7 pm, 10 pm.(This is not true!!!no arguments,in the past year none of my lectures have been stretched past 8 pm,Not that there is anything wrong with that)no lectures in the day.(Happens sometime.You may as well do your projects in meantime,afterall i don't see MBA is all about attending lectures)horrible I must say. The faculty is 100 % visting (I don't understand this obsession with residential faculty.Visiting faculty obviously brings live experience in the picture,while my friend finds the situation "horrible",by this standard he must have undergone some serious torture in Sydenham,which aptly underlines his anger and frustration,i'm not surprised), and hence we have to cater to their time.

ii) The infrastructure is just pathetic for management education (what kind of infrastructure do you need for management education? let me guess;Close proximity to bbusiness Hub,A nice "Air Conditioned" hall,Well equiped library;sydenham has all that ,I beleive there are more things like furniture, computers and WI-FI read on for that..) And all this talk of improving infrastructure is all bull shit (Its not...give a visit to the campus,see it for yoursself), going on from the time I joined and passed out. Education, ho hum, Mumbai University, what people study at Chetna or Dalmiya, even I studied the same (How could you tell that? Isn't there any difference...are faculty and Students the same in Chetna,Dalmiya and Sydenham?). As a serious study guy , I had little to study and more to merry (I don't understand this?What the hell you didn't have to study better?). Exams, blah, again the same old examination method, study past 5 years papers and you are through MBA (Let me be honest!!!I'm an Engineer and I sometimes felt passing
engineering was easy than passing some of the papers in Sydenham PGDBM,I mean papers like statistics and IT,even my friend would agree with this)
iii) Placement facts at Sydenham- No oneI repeat no one knows what the real Placement figures are except for the placement committee (What the hell is that supposed to mean,at the end of the day everybody knows where the hell everybody's palced,their packages and profile.This is very serious and i don't agree). The truth for this year is they say highest package is 20 lacs, that, guys is for a guy with over 8 years of experience and not a 1 year but on a 3 year contract, yes, 3 years for 20 lacs, that's around 6.6 lacs per annum (I'm not sure about this but I don't hink thats something one should brag about,You konw 1 in 120 getting 22 Lacs). The placement committee has a few members who in the lack of faculty support play with our career (Thats a blatant statement without any support,remember these don't count for anything in the argument). Their friends get the best packages (Seems like placement comitee had some kind of spell working on Industry HR experts), need I say more. Did anyone say that 8 people in the batch have not been placed till date (Not true, They had their share of offers and they opted out due to variety of reasons seldom was package the issue)? Out of these 8 I know 3 are engineers. And please do not expect great profiles to start with (Thats true in some cases,I would underline the word "Great Profile"). Many of the companies that come to our college come to every other college in Mumbai(Does that translate in to", Many of the companies that recruit from our college recruit from every other college in Mumbai? I don't think so), the profile and packages are same (Not true).

iv) The alumni support is just pathetic (I don't understand this obsession of our friends with strong adjectives like "Pathetic",Every student has alumni mentor,Mine is VP marketing of Godrej food and beverages), few alumni even care to be associated or r even proud to be associated with us, some who do support are treated badly by the juniors themselves(This is up to you).

v) Everything is done by students,now don't tell me this is learning, I have learnt nothing (No wonder you are blaming somebody else for you misfortune and crying over split milk)but seeing vested interests

vi) How much does it take for a website in 2007? We had a media committee, which just keeps giving excuses for why do we need a website? Boss why do we need a Media committee then, shut up and study.(Thats a serious issue,Aparantly govt. procedures had their role to play,These things do frustrate)

vii) Our director, P V Dabli is another very big contributor to the sydenham fiasco. All that has happened is students fighting for things to get done, and nothing comes out for years.(Mr.Dabli is no more director of the institute,Dr.M.A. Khan is)

Some good points-
i) It's a good brand in western India, especially Mumbai, but has gone down badly
ii) Students, thinking , Sydenham is well managed just join blindly.
iii) Location as Mumbai.

But fairly, if anyone asks me today, was I ever happy with my choice? No I was not, neither will I ever advise anyone in my family to join. Simply, I cannot tell anyone to rsik ones career. I say this because I have suffered already and with the way some of my college friends are promoting Sydenham as, sorry, its not really worth that credential. I know after this post, all my college friends would want to come and save this onslaught, but what is true has to come out one day or the other.

The truth for me is , I made a bad choice and I have paid for that, being an engineer and a CET top 60 scorere, I have paid an even bigger for the choice I madeto settle for the stupid company I m working in today Well there are atleast 100 others from your class who think they are doing decent job in a decent company,so stop blaming others for your failure,Apparantly Sydenham may fail to deliver the promise for people seeking one way transaction.I ask you what value have you added to Sydenham? My humble request to all those who want to achieve something in there lives to understand evrybody eats the fruits of the tree planted by somebody else and unless you plant some trees you wouldn't like to say you have achieved something).


For whatever reasons you end up with your own ideas like a true dogmat and keep propagating that. For the nth time you have ended up making a fool of yourself. On one hand you say..."Sydenham does not participate and believe in so called rankings(which are all erred up)...and on the other hand you put up something which you yourself are aginst of. Where did you learn this logic from?? By giving MAT 10 times every year and then missing some school and claiming to all that you missed it.
STOP CHEATIN ASPIRANTS....They are your Customers.....And Customers need VALUE..for which today Indian Customer can PAY

I can understand if you are trying to promote your own B-school,but whats all the hatred for?
If you think SYDENHAM isn't really that good a B-school I understand that as well,However let me make myself very clear to you as well as to all the aspiring managers.You haven't been in the SYDENHAM,all your perception and views are based on what you have heard from your friends, and trivial detailes known to everybody.I've left Welinkars,TAPMI,IMT for SYDENHAM and I don't regret that.
There are certain things in life you will never understand if you keep this attitute.

Well Sydenham had alwayas been under the shadow of JB,a rebound for the students aspiring JB or so called Top institutes(I don't claim to be an exception)
However since I have been allotted to Sydenham PG, I consider it my previledge and sincere duty to try and improve things and hope one day
we can feel proud about us being Sydenhamites.

This is to discuss the consequences of recent fee hike in JB,which inturn may affect students perspective slightly if not in huge proportions.

Does anybody share an openion that we sydenhamite should try our little bit to make sure sydenham gets its due (If you know what I mean)

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Guys Please help me
there seems to be a descripency in the allotment in my case
My roll no is 22020048 ,Pune university NT2,according to DTE my state merit no for NT2 category is 1.
However the only seat in JB is allotted to some other guy from open category
MB0679110 ,18070688
If you search merit no. his category is open,while the same for allotment is NT2
As I haven't received my scorecard yet,I'm cluless about the whole thing wheather I have genuine claim or not

Please let me know what should I do ASAP
Thank You

PS-Congrats to those who made it to their desired institute

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Last year it was a pdf file. So he is right my brother.
Just wait all u guys. Stop Spamming...

Are you sure man coz is still active and it makes perfect sense
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What do you guys recon the link would be
My bet is

Well I'm trying it from yesterday without any result.

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