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You would need to take an interview after you submit your application. There is no rule as such, but you can expect an interview invite in 2 weeks and a final decision in another week. The application load should be less now and they would also be aware that you have less time to file for visa.


devonnet Says
I am not going the sell the car. I might need it for other errands too. But I would be glad if anyone is ready to share expenses

Satish -

you are right . Parking is big issue.

Parking - Krannert School of Management

As I said earlier, staying off-campus is pretty much cheaper and commuting from there in car is a very good idea. You have a challenge here. I got to know from the current students that the parking passes near Rawl's hall and in the garage opposite to Union have been sold out for the next year. I'm not sure if that is true. The other option is street parking which is only for 2 hours.

I too have a car, but no parking pass will not help me. We can always check to see if we get a parking pass.

Hope this helps.


I am not going the sell the car. I might need it for other errands too. But I would be glad if anyone is ready to share expenses

Offcampus is pretty much cheaper than oncampus obviously. There are couple of things you need to consider before making a decision.
1. Oncampus costs are $300-500 per person excluding electricity bills, at a walkable distance to Rawl's hall where our classes will be held. They lease single bedroom for 1 person in a 3 BHK or 4 BHK apartments. 1 BHK are rare, but you can find them around $450. It is suggested to stay on hill as it gets very difficult in winters to walk uphill in the cold and snow.Offcampus costs are cheaper. You can get a 1 BHK at the same price. The cost of 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats depends on the distance from the campus. It is preferable to stay to the west side of the river.
2. The last bus from the campus to the city is mostly around 7PM. You would be staying in the campus till 9-10PM most of the days. If you have other option for commuting (car or car pool), you can choose to stay offcampus.

Coming to NOI, I haven't filled it yet. I'm planning to fill it this week.

Krannert Launch is on Aug 6th. It will go for 2 weeks before our actual classes start. I'm planning to reach there weekend before aug 6th.

I guess there is already a FB page for Class of 2014.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

My friend who passed last year said that offcampus is cheaper . Staying offcampus and commuting is preferable. I have a car . Any one interested in pooling.. avg expenses per month = 150$
Hi All,

I have also received an admit to Krannert with a GA. :)

But I also have been given an admit in NUS. But the scholarship decision is still pending.

Can someone please guide me? What is the value of NUS brand outside Asia?
I want to major in HR (NUS has something known as Strategy and Organization); so is it really the case that I need to know Mandarin if I expect to get a job in Singapore post MBA??

I am quite confused.

Suggestions will be highly appreciated. Which one would be better in the long run?


krannert's curriculum is better .... the job market is smaller...also NUS faces high competition from Insead , SPJain , Nanyang

krannert's curriculum is better .... the job market is smaller...also NUS faces high competition from Insead , SPJain , Nanyang

Puys ..

23rd is around the corner ..Hope a lot of you have accepted the least I have...

I have few questions now ...

1. Where are guys planning to stay at Krannert..incampus or offcampus ?
2. The puys who got GA - can some one tell me how much of financial proof I need to show in my NOI.
3. When are you guys planning to reach ?
4. Can we have the facebook group please !


Congrats !!

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I have been offered an admit +GA at Krannert. I also have an admit from Michigan State Uni - Broad with a scholarship. So I'm deciding between the two schools.Would appreciate if someone could provide insights into the following:

I will try to answer the questions with my limited knowledge.
  1. Purdue-Krannert has a strong brand but the rankings place Krannert around the forties.
    Why is this so? Rankings are true for the first 15. Beyond that private schools influence ranking as it happens in India
  2. I come from India with a BE, "IT-Consulting" background. I intend to get into IT Consulting (the real one) post MBA. While I find finance very interesting, I'm trying to be realistic about finding a finance job post-MBA thanks to an IT past experience. How does Krannert fare at IT both in terms of the course and the jobs? IT consulting jobs do happen at Krannert but with 2nd tier companies. Finance jobs are not frequent. Broad is slightly better but be aware since these colleges are not known for finance ,tier 1 roles / companies are not possible
  3. Considering that I have no prior experience of working in the US, I would need the Alumni network to help out a lot. How strong is Krannert's Alumni network? And how helpful are the alumni? Not sure. But never heard that is an issue.
  4. I see a very high number of international students at Krannert - 55-65% I'm assuming most of them would be Indians and Chinese. So does it get as competitive as it gets in India? Do students help each other out? Is such a high number of Internationals healthy from a study, MBA-value add or job perspective? I have heard that the chinese dont compete as they are weak in English. They return to their country.
  5. How are the placements and visa sponsorships for Internationals? Do most companies who offer Internships offer jobs at Purdue? You need to hunt for them but Indians generally make it through
  6. Finally, what are the cons of the school? It is not a top 15 school.

Thx in advance!

I am not sure why so many candidates have been offered GA this time.
Something important guys !!
Ketan Pandit, the R2 admitted student and present in the group, was present on one of the chat events that take place every Fridays...
I was waiting for him to post, but since he has not posted, I m posting for him..
In the chat, Jon Schramm, the associate director of admissions, mentioned that they are not planning for any increase in the class size. They are planning for close to 110 to 120 students this year... So, with this news and so many admits, and so many GAs being given, I m not sure about Krannert strategy about giving admits to Indian students !!

Can you post the numbers... i am getting curious..