@chirag11111 apply to all the top 5 colleges andd they are
Christ Bangalore
JIMS Rohini
@nitinch23 And for Christ you have to go to Bangalore....they don't conduct gd/pi in cities other than bangalore.
@nitinch23 don't worry they will surely conduct in will have the option of choosing the gd/pi centre....I also gave my gd/pi in delhi.
@coolcat12 ITM navi mumbai
Christ bangalore
Bimm Pune
JIMS Rohini
This is taking in view the placement stats and the kind of companies that come for recruitment and also the location which is I think plays a very important role.

@tanl Again its a below avg colg mate....If you want to opt for MAT colleges then my advice would be to opt only top 5 colleges.......
@tanl Ims gaziabad is a below avg. college. Try and avoid it if possible.
@binitbhaskar can't provide you with exact data as the placements are still going on..but one thing I can tell you the situation is good..
@jeetuachtani Paper based is advisable as you get more time and you can chooose questions randomly..
priyajain999 Says
Don't play this blame game (sampathss & U) are just over here to provide info & its good that both of you have provided some facts which will be useful for the students....sampath may have mentioned some wrong info but it is useful in some other way...try to look positive side of everything....and no one is over here to misguide any1....AND LASTLY f**l ITS A PAST YEAR (as on 30th sept/2011) MANDATORY DISCLOSURE ohhk NOT THE UPDATED ONE and every college have to update it according to current just relax

What is the positive side in the stats given by sampaths?? elaborate plzzz and regarding the updation of mandatory disclosure it will be updated as soon as the placements are over. I again will mention plzz don't misguide aspirants I've seen you in many threads misguiding the aspirants and urging them to apply to please check twice whatever you are posting.....ATB
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priyajain999 Says
Now look avg. package is just 3.20 lakhs and people are saying that they have such a good ROI & all.....students please do consider that you have to spend your two years in that respective college & they should consider every aspect infrastructure, quality of courses offered, faculties, one is saying that JIMS is a not a good college but there other B-schools better than that......:)

seee don't misguide aspirants here by giving them fake info......please check your stats before posting......I'm again saying that JIMS avg package is 4.70 lacs and not 3.20 lacs for pgdm.
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