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Rock It @Anonymous
Does anyone know the number of "lady at the other end" ? Please share, as I need to know the merit number
devansh doshi @devansh1221

The lady at the other end is the mystery every year. 

Ramesh Sarlu @Born_To_Love
Am a newbie here  I am a pass-out of IIFT Delhi 2012 batch, currently working in Cognizant Business Consulting. I am in a tricky spot right now in my life & could really use some advice. In my 3yrs in the industry, I hav
devansh doshi @devansh1221

Being from IIFT, I would like to say that it does have an international perspective. The problem happens when people aren't fully aware about what are they signing up for. B Schools aren't like primary or secondary schools where students will be spoon fed. One needs to be proactive and learn what he/she wants to. One has the time and resources to develop their skills and knowledge. And there are mediums for doing that. If a certain top recruiter comes to a college then it doesn't mean that all students get placed there. There are opportunities and one has to work towards getting them. 

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  • @devansh1221 What is Stanford's encyclopedia of philosophy ?. 10 Feb '15.
Rishab Bansal @RB15 2

@devansh1221 What is Stanford's encyclopedia of philosophy ?

How do you post an article on pagalguy? 

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Avishek Biswas @Greatavi
Puys , anyone has any link of past interview experiences ??? and where from can i get some prep materials and what all to study ?
devansh doshi @devansh1221

We will be forming a group where all GD PI aspirants we will there. We will solve your queries at all stages of admission and share some material as well.

Rockstar @R.C
does anyone know when does the essay-gd-pi take place ?
devansh doshi @devansh1221

Last year it was

65% Score
10% essay
10% GD
15% PI

devansh doshi @devansh1221

It will be out in two or three days. This is generally the case.