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i would like to know the names of a few companies tht have offered brand mgmt profiles to students in the past, if possible.
also, if any FMCG companies come for placement? if yes, what profile do they offer?

P.S. i dont know if in the capacity of a student, you'd be having any of ths info or not. i am just trying my luck at every place i can.

they do seem helpful....
will relish on them fr the next few days

i was looking fr a book...
i dont know the exact title or publication, but it was somethng like "superbrands"....
released three years back, it listed the top 101 brands in india at tht time....
piyush pandey was one of the committee members who decided on the final list of 101 brands....

if neone cud provide an ebook fr the same i shall be highly obliged....else info on the author/publication of the book will also do....


Of course I remember you, dude... I still have your phone number

See, the thing is, once you show to the panel that you have some basic knowledge, they will start grilling you to some extent... It's kind of a double-edged sword, really!

Well, I don't have an e-copy of the same, but Al Ries' books are brilliant to learn a bit about positioning. You'll grasp the idea pretty easily. Try buying it, it cost me just about 150 bucks. I'd recommend '22 Immutable Laws of Branding', but then you can check out his other stuff too (which I haven't read and can't really tell you about )

If you're still in Ahmedabad, pop over to MICA and I'll give you the book that I have (PS: Popping over to MICA is a lot more difficult than it sounds!)

Lemme know if you need any more help! Cheers!


yeah i have the e-copy of tht book..."22 immutable laws..."
hve begun reading it....
i ll be more specific in my query....
recently i attended a lecture wherein the speaker began by discussing the position of pepsi(youth drink), coke(family drink) and thums up( macho drink) in the soft drink market....
i was wondering if thrs ne book or ne way i cud get a glimpse of "positions" of various brands in diff categories?

i know the best way to do tht is to observe ads and make my own conclusions...but am a bit rusty if i cud get an initial start, maybe thngs cud get rolling....

btw i am in a'bad is rushik( he was with us the interview)
lemme know if all of us cud meet sometime...
MICA is not just the same, it's getting bigger and better. Make it through next year dude... This place is a freakin' lot of fun... For updates, I will keep posting on the Life @ MICA thread :)

Check that in a couple of days!


hey chuck,
am nt sure if u rem, but we met during the interviews earlier ths year...
well am targetting MICA once again, and wud like to begin frm what i believe was my mistake last yr
i showed an interest in brand mgmt, hving read some books on the same....but in the interview i was asked the positioning of various rival brands vis-a-vis each other in various categories....a pretty obvious que maybe, but i messed up thr....

nw i am trying to find material online wherein such comparisons of the "positioning" strategies of the leading brands in various categories is mentioned....or somethng to strt on, is gvn.

i am nt able to find ne such site/blog as yet. could u help me in ths?

hey gaurav
i appeared fr the exam last yr
and intend to do so ths yr too
is it true tht i strt with a -20 ths yr? coz of second attempt?

palash_instinctz Says
the fourth prac of the series.. lets know how we did.. post your scores.. the break up.. and what you think will be the cut offs..

i scored 33
i think the cut offs wud be atleast 15 in each section...thus overall 45+

dude hve they gvn ths mail to all the mica interview candidates?
or hve they filtered thr?

Spoke to someone in MICA, as well as made a friend call them up. Here what i found out:
- Help will be provided with accomodation, but, no campus stay
- Batch Size a maximum of 60 (which makes us guess, they would not have sent the call to more than 200 people)
- This calls gave gone to people who have appeared for MICAT, BUT, there is space for fresh entires as well. That means of all the 60 students, not all will be from MICAT, but, fresh aplicants as well.
- Placement, won't be that great, but, hell you're a post grad in communications form MICA, this does sound good.
- Fees: 2.5 lac, think it will provide a decent ROI
- New course, who care??? Its MICA (and that's old)
- A hint of skepticism (but I guess I was born that way!)
- Speaking to a few people, doing some basics analysis on the subjects they offer as opposed to the subjects in PGP Communications Mgmt, and the faculty. Will get back on this.
- Will probably take it up
- Think its a decent bet, if you want to get into an agency

Let me know what you think


.............................end quote..............................

apart frm the ones mentioned here
1. catch me if you can
2. black friday
3. train to pakistan
4. the namesake

apart frm the ones already mentioned,
1. catch me if you can
2. black friday
3. train to pakistan
4. the namesake( hvnt seen ths movie)