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breaking news:

solid DI tips from scuderia.
100% DI. :D
I urge you to attend.
(posted as told)

I was just told to do it mask bhai,sry.
i did know the info,but I wasn't in a state to post.
Was sick from the morning.
hope some of u can go even now.
they'll be around for 630-7.

okie....i dont know if this will help now,but a meet is currently going on at CCD,banjara hills.
for the route map and other enquiries
please contact: dinchin:9652472821
also sareen bhai:9963007380

the first meet..after the birth of this thread..:D

Ravi Handa @ravihanda
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pattern change kehte,how abt we discuss some strats____

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evryone's being posted to different places______

next one on the 3rd afta the mock:p

place yet to be decided;)( as alwaz, it's kept a secret)

for furthur info:keep checking this thread once in a while uptil sunday

anytm bro..:D

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short cut..:

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