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cricket is highly corporatised in india and evry one say thanks to bcci....
big money big profits ...... big ..big ...big......... images......
but what happened today in the ranji finals today has truly shocked me ....
no intent no attitude no thirst .... and absolutely no contest ....
the first day was a good one for mumbai thanks to a last minute recovery from abhijit nayar and rohit sharma (141).....
but (no amol mazumdar) shocked me ... truly ... very unjustifying ......
a guy who is so near to the record dropped ..... in a final ....which culd have been a tailor made situation for the champion batsman ......who is what just 40 odd runs short of history ..... i can feeel yur pain amol.....
what was more disappointing was the up batsman attitude today ......
what was actually going thru their mind is simply unexplainable...
yu are given a target of 400 odd runs and in reply ...yu score what 90 odd runs in 45 overs.....
truly signs of incompetitveness .... and all this in front of a decent enuff bowling performance by mumbai ....
ya lets face it ..they did not bowl their best today ......
cmon guys ..... make this legendary tournament inetrsting ..... i think it shuld not deserve this mediocre treatment .........
yu know wat i watched kfc 20 20 bash instead.........

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is lee germon the right answer.....
i am not confident abt it
i still remember it maybe against india just bfore 1996 world cup when nz toured india.....

chennai vs bengal quarter final....
karthik spoils a good innnigs by reckless batting
c suresh is looking good
some awesome shots
dinda was rather depressing
bose continues to impress

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sorry for the wrong numbering .......

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1. geoff allott (the player form nz who has batted for more than 102 minutes for his duck).
2. nilesh kulkarni(achieved this feat against srlianka where he got the wicket of marvan attapattu).
3.ajit agarkar
4.budhi kunderan
5.its lewis from australia was in the epic match against sa where sa chased down 434 .....

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hi to all puys
guys this thread is dedicated to cricket trivia
so lets start it off

1: who has scored the longest duck in test cricket????(in terms of the time spent )

2:which indian bowler has the distinction of taking his first test wicket in his first delivery in test cricket ?????????

3:which cricketer has made his debut as a captain?????

4:who holds the record for taking the fastest 50 wickets in odi cricket?????

5:which indian cricketer has opened the batting ,opened the bowling and also kept wickets for india????

6:who holds the record of being most expensive bowler in a single odi innings????

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its time for the ipl transfer window
the IPL last year had been a grand success
but now its the time when the teams will look out for some important strategic
decisions which wuld help them in the second edition

personally i feel some of the situations mentioned below could storm up

1: HARBHAJAN SINGH: The bad boy of ipl first edition could be traded with ramesh powar for . both the bowlers did not play a big part for their respective franchisees in the last edition.
harbhajan singh got involved in a controversy and ramesh powar just played 3 matches
considering the harbhajan factor .... this transfer culd be very interesting ....
also rumored that shaun pollock will miss the ipl next year .... this wuld be a tricky situation for mumbai indians.

2: ROHIT SHARMA: again one important player for mumbai indians which they wuld be targetting.
scored heavily in the ipl
still i feel this transfer will be of importance for mumbai than the harbhajan one considering their batting middle order requires someone of sharmas ability.

I think bangalore shuld go full on for getting him in their team.he culd be a critical player for them in the future.
wasim jaffer gets a exit but i fear will there be any takers for them.
the only chances are of mumbai taking him but ...still it does not look all that possible when mumbai will be trading aggressively for some star players.

this culd be another interesting one .
delhi culd go on all force for this lanky bowler who has tremendous talent .
if it happens then i think delhi wuld be having a dream opening bowling combination of ishant and

also delhi culd trade dinesh karthik to chennai and take parthiv patel instead.
chennai wuld welcome that.... for sure seeing his luck with tamil nadu...

also there culd be an intersting offer for young virat kohli .... but still he getting realeased from bangalore is a dream...

there can be many shockers at the end of the transfers .... this time however the owners will definitely be careful in their selection...
but still even masterstrokes fail ...
dont they....

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hi friends,
i have got the following scores in cat 08
di: 25
quant: 28
but was very disappointed with it
for the preperation i wanted to ask
hw much weightage does geometry and the number system have in the quant section
as i am quite strong in these section and other areas are weak
very poor in di.... lucky to get that score in cat
eng is ok but worried abt the essay
how to approach for the reasoning questions ..... that is my biggest worry ........

i am karthik
soing my engg in bangalore
and appearing for mah cet 09
the problem is i hav completed my hsc from thane mumbai
since i have not done my ug from maharasthra under what category will i be
taken for the xam
will i be enrolled as a oms student
is there any chance of me being a home university student
please reply

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what will yu call a noble prince???????????????????????????????????



pagalpanti bahoot zaroori hai

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what came first murga ya anda ???????????

ans: none

because a murgi came first which gave the anda ......


pagalpanti bahoot zaroori hai
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