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cat 98.57
good wct (thats what i thought)
skipped VI
interview - i think the panelists were from imt nagpur, was conducted in mumbai, they kept telling me that dcp and imt nagpur are really good throughout the interview, i said i only wanted ghaziabad, not interested in anything else,they asked why had i numbered the preferences in the form, i told them that initially i had put only ghaziabad and put a - against the others, but the ppl checking our documents made me put the preference, i dont really care about the other branches, the panel seemed quite pissed at this.

Result - waitlisted for nagpur
ROTFLMAO (not really surprised after the pissed looks they gave me, but who cares, at least i was frank with them, even i had got irritated when they were saying dcp and imt nagpur were really really good, shouldn't the interview be on what insti i wanted?)

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Name :- Abhishek Shrivastava
Place:- baroda
Working\fresher (age):-24 (working - own company currently)
Smoking:-Not an issue though would prefer non-smokers
Drinking:- occasional is okay...
Any other requirement:-should be nearby, internet, ac, geyser etc (fully furnished)
Food preference: veg (okay with others having non-veg as long as i get veg)
Course joining: Core.

passionate about books, football, people with a penchant for wit and/or pjs preferred...
would love to have flat mates with similar interests...

fb - Abhishek Shrivastava | Facebook

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
In a startling move, the government has sanctioned the opening up of 21 new Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) in the country. Of these, at least seven will become operational from the 2011 academic year. The c

i half expect them to release a statement saying that they were just taking the piss and it was all a practical joke and the real XAT is next week...

and regarding the essay...
a private person should have the freedom to use their capitals the way they want... LIKE I WANT THIS SENTENCE TO BE IN CAPITALS!!! and on behalf of all the private people out there (who keep things to themselves and dont venture out too much), we expect, nay, we demand the right to use out CAPITALS the way we want... we shall not allow any man.. to have his fillies foals foalies follies whatever... to exercise and remain fit...

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QA - 9.35
DI/LR - 18.67
passage - 3.97
vocab - 4.98|
GA - 3.61
overall - 40.58

all keys were predicting 34-35... seems my answers matched with 'their' keys more..

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QS 81, LS 80, LR 76... total 237...

gave on 20th november, and umm... the conversation with my friend after the exam went a bit like this...

me: "arre haan achcha gaya, easy tha, 100 attempts kiye..."
him: "to baaki 20 tukke maare na?"
me:"kyun?? nai... left 10 each in quant and lr..."
him: "abbe negative marking nai tha..."
me: "kya baat kar raha hai!!!"

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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
This one is a tribute to the day in the student life at a business school, and a satire on lazy students and the farce (sometimes) of case study method of learning. Enjoy! _Concept and Illustrations by chuck_g
abhishek shrivastava @dentarthurdent

see you later alligator... lol.. loooong time since i heard that..

congrats of luck!!!!!

plzz tell me what r these management quota seats for??.... i have scored 228 (min-233) ...... any chance????? plz reply yaar.....

management seats offered only to those who had got a merit call in the first place... read previous years thread for further info...
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saikumaarn Says
Ok plenty of confusion in this thread regarding selection criteria... Seniors please help - one authoritative voice with the exact selection criteria would do... Also, will NMIMS have that mandatory disclosure document? That would have selection criteria for last year right? Can someone post that document or a link to that ?

SVKMs Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, (Deemed-to-be University),
V. L. Mehta Road, Vile Parle (W),
Mumbai - 400 056. India.
Tel.: +91 - 22 - 2613 4577 / 2618 3688 / 4235 5555
Extn: 5621 / 5622
Timings: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. & 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Except Public holidays and Sundays)

They haven't as of now replied to my mail regarding exact criteria, maybe if more ppl mail.......

Called them but the lady at desk din know much, said probably same as last year, then said she'll connect me to someone, who didnt pick up eventually
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Friends most importantly we have to find out about the weightage given to the written exam . I think it is very important to know that . Because with a 80 percent weightage on the written score ( as has been the trend ) , it will be very very difficult to convert the call . And all those people who have converted the calls with ranks of over 2400 are exceptional or have a lot of work experience. For freshers , it will be a herculean task .
For our sake , i hope they change the admission process this year , given that the exam was taken online , and there have been statistical methods applied to normalize scores . Could some seniors please consult the admissions department and tell us about the criteria for selection this year !! :banghead:

totally agree... no point paying thousand bucks extra just to make up the numbers. So NMIMS seniors kindly give the exact criteria for final selections this time around as early as possible..
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