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The buzz inside b-schools this year is, that 2013 is the worst placement season Indias MBA programs have ever seen, worse than 2009 even. We are trying to reason this years peculiarly startling results of the PaGaLGuY B
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Perception rankings are nothing but circular logic ...

Dear All,

IIMs have floated a tender asking for service providers who can conduct examination in a computerised and multitest mode. If this is an indication of things to come, it is likely that CATin future coud be held on Computer, much like GMAT

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this is regarding accomodation . from what i remember last year a few PGites told us about their travel plans and we accomodated them as our guests in the campus, that is given you are travelling alone. so develop good relations with the guys of `07 and they will show you a flavor of K`s hospitality.
those of you who are lucky enough to visit the campus trust me you will never ever complain about it in your life.
congratulations and all the best...

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hi rajesh

i can understand ur new found excitement on getting an admit to K , at the same time the confusion too wud be swinging u frm one decision to the other.

wht i wud suggest to u is to go thru various threads on these institutes, for eg the IIMK vs MDI @ IIMK thread, placements @k etc and similar threads of IIFT. also i wud suggest u to join the yahoo group of both thee institutes for K its and interact with ur seniors and batchmates and go thru over 1200 msgs already there. u wud see for urself the kind of peer interaction u can get at both places. i think then u wud be able to make a wise decision instead of basing it on hearsay perceptions frm unknown sources. am sure 40-50,000 at this stage wudnt bias ur decision when u wud find similar things being done by a lot many ppl like u .

all the best,


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wait to join ur respective B schools and try to get numbers of ppl interested in getting a laptop and then u can go for a bulk deal.when we negotiated the price we got models for atleast 10-12,000 less than the price mik has quoted now. and tht was an yr ago when prices were higher.we have an ibm R51(centrino,combo etc) for 62k.

at a college where laptops are not compulsory the numbers might be few and u might not get the best deal so try n look at website of colleges which prescribe a model and vendor quotes a price. nmims is one such b school...try to strike a deal closest to tht...u might not get exactly that as they r 200+ students.

njoi ur first lesson in negotiation skills.

register urself here.

congrates for making it thru one of the most gruelling xams.welcome to GOD`s own campus. we would love to answer all ur queries .ideally we cud hv opened last yrs group for u guys but we dont want to show we were as naive as u are now besides who doesent like giving gyan afresh.

so shoot ur questions on travel,climate,stay,life,electives,placements,dilemmas and all tht u can think of there. it wud be answered by our stalwarts.

interact n have fun

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congratulations to people who have proved and excelled themselves. The lucky ones who wud be spending their next two years in GOD`s OWN CAMPUS @ IIM-Kozhikode can join the yahoo group created for them

interact n have fun ,


ps:last yr i remember there was a debate on the rationale of a seperate grp when the forum exists..i dont know how tht debate ended but i wud like to tell mods tht i frequented both the forum and the group and each have their own importance. so kindly allow us to post the link for the group.

saying congrates on ur great placements might be cliched but still the best part is getting better than yourself year after year

wanted to know where are kanishka raja and vivek vikram singh placed.

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a banglore PG meet is a nice idea about including people from different B Schools who are about to start their summers in blore .
a whole bunch of ppl frm IIM-K wud be there after april first week..ditto other B schools..wud sure be fun meeting all of try n make the date arnd 13-14th april..or else we will wait for the second meet ...

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i seem to hv missed a lot of action here. srinal i wud say ur interview was decent. did u give a glimpse of entrepreneurship to prof saji coz he is actively looking after it. btw he is the head of operations area and a very dedicated prof.u can learn a lot frm him once u come here.well "can" sounds out of place ,he will make sure u learn a lot for him.
operations is one area @k which is set to boom very big as lot of things are happening there but as the cliche goes we hv to wait for official announcements first.
supernaut the lady is one of the kindest soul @k so dont worry abt nething.she knows how to take the best out of u and generally puts students to ease...u will be amazed when she will greet u by ur name if u happen to come here.
this time a lot of ppl hv posted their experiences in detail...i hv just given them a cursory glance and hope the response frm the ppl here had been useful.
looking fwd to hear more frm u all..thanx for dropping by..