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any idea about DA buffer calls this time?? I am waitlisted under DA category in IIM C.

any chances for WL-5 for DA??

WL-5 in DA category... any hopes?

results for IIM A are out
got to admissions page and check admission status

please post the link... i am unable to find it.

are there any buffer calls this time?? WL-5 in DA category. what chances??

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thank you for sharing experiences

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How does it matter? Believe me, Once you're called for an interview, it ALL ZERO DOWNS to your interview performance.. forget about percentiles now. Just give your best shot in the interview.. and hope for the best.

Still if you want to see the lowest percentile converts, search for last year's SC/ST tracker.

the tracker gives info only on SC/ST .. no info on DA... i am curious about DA, as I am from that category... anyone has any data?
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hi friends, any idea what was the last percentile call under DA category in IIM A and IIM C last year?

I heard it was close to 80 percentile.... but don't know how correct the info is, anybody has any idea?

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thanks for sharing your experiences..

my friend who gave his interview recently said that his was chillaxed and went on for 45minutes... no stress interview at all for him