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U ppl in caTCH 22 situation. so in case there is some new transfer policy, do try to take advantage of it, and shift one of ur calls to me...
Waiting..for a positive response,

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Will cut the long story short...
Cudn't make theu the CAT put i know..
I'll do that one day.. coz we shud...try n try till we succeed, what do u have to say guys???

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Hi don't know anything else but only this....
as always....Shumi will win...
until and unless I come and take his position :shock:

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Hi ppl,
Amit here frm Delhi doing B.Tech Comp. science from Delhi. and hoping to bell the CAT. Hobbies incluse listening to songs and playing badminton,
Have a nice time

Tere Pyar ki roshni itni hai ki har taraf ujala nazar aata hai, Dil karta hai ki Bijli katwa dun, kambhakt bil bahut jyada aata hai

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I wud just like to add an old saying and see as to how much does it works:-

Delhidude ki suno.. Woh tumhari sunega....
Tum 10K points doge, Woh 1000K points dega....

Anyone who is very very udaas or very very happy can generously donate his/her points to me. All donations will be exempted from all the taxes and the name of the person donating can be(in case one wants to be) kept anonymous.
Else pamphlets with the name of donor shall be distributed in each nook and corner of the city...
Anyone impressed??? :!:

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Well I didn't wanted to open this secret but now i think I shud tell...Well once i was hacking into my friends (Another pgite) comp. and Lo!! I found a shortcut for site called pagalguy. I initially thought it might be his creations...but it was This...which had best of all worlds...
Woh din tha aur aaj ka din hai...
We share a strong bond...

Wishing all the DEAR, NEAR, REAR, PEAR...and rest of EARS...a very very HAPPY HOLI...

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I have always been hearing

"There is always a next time"
cud anyone tell..."WHen will my next time come?"

Conclusion:-no call from "C"

As Usual
No B, C , L and now no A