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i have just started with my GMAT prep,am still in the process of collecting material. While i was browsing through one of the threads started by kunal i had noticed a link ,but this is no longer accessable. Can some one help me get to the alternative link?

hi Shipra,

i'm a Software Engineer with 2+ yrs of work ex, plannig to take GMAT aroung April - May this year. I havent started with my preparation yet. I have been going though the posts in this form for about a week's time.
i have heard that OG,Kalpan and Princeton are good resources to work on.i'm not able to zero down on the broader strategy to take up. i was wondering about what would be a better approach, devoting some time every day on atleast 2-3 sections in GMAT or get done with one round of prep of one section,say SC or quant...,before starting with the other.

thanks in advance

Hi Vineet,

can u send me the material that u have to my id?

hi Bashask

good to know that u also planning to take GMAT around the same time as i do. I havent actually started preparing for it.I'm in a dilema of whether or not to join a coaching institute. Have u started off with ur prep? what do u think is a better material to start with?


i'm new to this forum. i work as a software engineer with 2+ years of experience..... am planning to give GMAT sometime in April/May this year... can some help me how to kick start with my preparation? and is there any one else who is planning to write GMAT some where around that time?

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I'm new to this forum. I work as a Software Engineer for a multi national company. I'm planning to take GMAT some time around May this year. Is there any one else who is planning to do so? may be we can together plan out things and kick start the preparation