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If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives.
Mansi Arora @mansiarora123
In August 2014, Longtoushan Township of China was in news for? A. It was the epicenter of earthquake that struck there B. It suffered a terrorist attack C. It suffered a lethal landslide D. None of the above @ Asia Pacific Institute Of Management
Vikas Sahu @bikash8181
If highly regarded procedures have deficiencies that are frequently noticed and (i) ____________, such techniques may be evaluated as (ii)____________, despite the fact that they are potentially (iii) ____________ Blank (i) A. unsubstantial B. induced C. costly Blank (ii) D. effe...
Which is the correct option? At night, Sheila covered her children with a snug blanket. Sheila __________ her children into bed.
Deependra Dabas @deependra1512

i was expecting similiar sounding words for *tucked*

Misha Singh @Misha23
I like Pink Floyd more than Metallica. Is it a fact, inference or judgement?
Deependra Dabas @deependra1512

what's wrong with "I want to do an MBA before going for business" ? plz comment

Mayank Jain @MJ477
*RC* I cannot avoid the subject any longer. Almost every day I receive a clutch of emails about it, asking the same question. A frightening new report has just pushed it up the political agenda: for the first time the World Food Programme is struggling to find the supplies it needs for emergency...
Maverick @animeshweb
The book *"**R.K. Laxman: The Uncommon Man" *is written by?
Avdhesh Tanwar @avdoo7
*Q. 5.* Choose the grammatically correct option. A. Parenting skills are generally learned through our early life experiences with our own B. caregivers. This process is called "role modeling". In most instances the role models is C. the mother and father, but in many other instan...
Kushal Kumar @kush0588
In these questions, each sentence has been divided into four parts, marked a, b, c and d. Identify that part of the sentence which needs to be changed for the sentence to be grammatically correct. *a. * It is essential that diseases like tuberculosis *b. * ...
Anjan Raina @AnjanRaina
1. It's the end of the day and things didn't go well. We're meeting to talk about what we'll do tomorrow. Should we stick ____ the original plan or try something new? 2\. We're at work, and I wander by to see how everyone is doing. You think that you'd like to try something difference. "Stic...