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If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives.
hum PK huu PK pahchan gaya kaaaaaa!!!! @jaskarn
PC Similarly, to claim that cosmetic surgery and reproductive genetics existed in the ancient times in India, as done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently in Mumbai, is too far-fetched. Like was the case with medicinal study as discussed earlier, of course there might be some notion as ...
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#RC: Leonardo da Vinci's painting, the Mona Lisa, it seems fair to say, is more than just a painting - it is a touchstone of Western culture. It has been copied, parodied, praised, mocked, co-opted, analysed and speculated upon more than any other work of art. Its origins have captivated sc...
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´╗┐As the Iraq war continued, medical teams were forced to confront numerous unanticipated circumstances. The war went on far longer than planned, the volume of wounded soldiers increased, and the nature of injuries changed. The data, however, proved to be of critical importance. Surgeons following...
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@technorati hi, it would be nice if you could mention what do we need to do with the question like find the concuding sentence, summary or what?


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Galat Prayog of STOP: @sawanbaing mam, @rafaelnadal @sav-9 @Dark_Passenger _/\\_
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is this sentence grammatically correct ? Within a decade India will have the biggest potential workforce in the world
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shouldn't largest be used instead of biggest?

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The probability that an equipment will ________ flawlessly is decreased if a critical function is performed by a single component; therefore, engineers build certain amount of ________ in their designs to guarantee against failures.
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If a four-digit natural number is 7083 more than the number formed by reversing the order of its digits, then how many such natural numbers are possible?