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i have sent the emaill and the courier to NM for withdrawl.hope this helps one aspirant.Rank-60.

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Hi Seniors,

Just wanted to know whether we are allowed to keep our bikes in the hostel/campus.

I am carrying this bike since 10 years and i dont want to keep it away from me now.

Hi Guys,

I am finally confirmed and looking forward to join XIMB. I want to thanks every Puy who has helped me in getting the details. Thanks to all the XIMBians senors as well.

I had full trust in XIMB and thats y I choose to goto XIMB over NMIMS.
I would request everyone to be a bit patient. I will pray that the AICTE approval comes soon.

Thanks everyone.

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Does anyone has the information about how many of the below mentioned people have actually withdrawn.

6)ID not mentiond (only referred as "deepcat2008" friend
Thread - XIMB (PGDM) 2009 - Waitlist Tracker
11)Subhodeep (an acquaintance of binay_bapu, he converted IIM-K)
12)devibintu ( mentioned by anir_uc )
13) aryan123 ( converted both VGSOM and XIMB -- but still set to taken some decision )
14 ) bhavpatli ( initial wl > 100 still unsure )
15 ) rainpain (initial wl> 100 still unsure )

How much more movement we can expect in the waitlist?

Candidate number 6 already withdrawn.

i got a confirmation from xaviers today so i would like to cancel my seat at NMIMS. can somebody guide me with the procedure.
Also I wanted to change my address where they will be sending the draft?


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Yes..there has been a good movement in the WL...last week i was at i called and I am confirmed now.They also stated that the site will be updated today afternoon.

dont know whats happening...i have 3months notice period which anyways i cant serve...but i have to be there for atleast 2weeks after resignation for KT's and all...dont know...

Hey guys,

not sure why no one is cancelling their seats? I am stuck at wl-03...Seniors do u think any more cancellations might happen in future?

Hi Puys,

I think there is some confusion here OR may be there is some mistakes on some part..Let me clarify this...When i called to check my current WL status I was neither asked my name nor by XAT ID..what i was asked was my current WL number...So may bethey have just subtracted 5 and told me my current WL number...Will check again in a day and let you puys know...Just chillax...XIMB is a very reputed institute...there wont be anything fishy...all who deserves will be IN....

my WL moved from 08 to 03....We have to call and confirm..WL will not move in website.