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@astrosky...looks like v ll have to wait till march

I got Hyd... my status had changed to shortlist early this morning and i got the result at 18:30

I got in! just received the email!

Has everyone's status disappeared? Is there any one whose status hasn't changed?

MBAHelp11 Says
my admission status has also vanished

welcome to the club buddy! when did it happen? i mean at what time?
Punisher Says
ATB :cheers:

Thanks man! wish u the same
Interview status and Admission status are two different things...Interview status Waitlist means that your interview is put on wait...and Admission status Waitlist means that your admission offer is on waitlist but after you have been interviewed...

For everyone who has been interviewed...the Interview status will shopw Shortlisted ...

If your interview status changed for some time and you were not interviewed before.....then most probably either you are being called for interview or it was a technical glitch as it happened last year (read in posts, it was ISB's reply)

I have been interviewed!

Just to clarify, there were 3 sections until this morning, Application Status: Complete, Interview Status: Shortlisted and Admission Status: Waitlisted. The last section has now disappeared while the first 2 remain unchanged.
MBAHelp11 Says
I don't think this is the case becoz eventually to change ur status to "Offered" or "Admit", than also they have to change your status. Mind sharing your profile

My profile: Male/720/3 yrs/Business Analyst (IT-Travel Industry) & IVR Designer/ Decent extra-curricular in social entrepreneurship
delhitravelled Says interview status showed shortlisted...after that the waitlist option is gone ?? man....wht does it mean ?

Guys, I am an R1 waitlist too. My status of WL has also disappeared and it just shows Interview Status:
I was checking last year's WL thread and I found that people who got their status changed eventually got a ding from ISB. This may mean end of the road for us.
However, hopes are still alive till i actually get my result.
The instructions for filling job role and responsibilities says to specify in approx 200 words. I wrote it and was able to save this as well. However upon previewing the application, it shows truncated to around 150 words.
Did anyone else face this problem? Seniors, please guide

It seems the character limit is restricted to 1000 characters rather than 200 words in the text box.
roby_chillz Says
Two of the my referees submitted the reference on saturday and it is still not updated, called up the admission office and they told me to put a mail regarding this and wait for reply. WTF. The last date for submitting application is tomorrow !!! :-/

Same problem here. My Referee submitted today early morning, but it hasn't reflected in my application yet. I have written an email to but I'm not sure whether they'll be able to resolve this by tomorrow.