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Cheers, Deepan Mahendran

Nope, BIM doesn't have any tie up with the Banks

Source : Seniors

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shekys Says
FB page created. Access it here

Hi Sekhar,

Thanks for creating the Page. But i feel a FB group would be better than a FB page.
Just a suggestion :cheerio:

Deepan M
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meha06 Says
could you please create a column for the category also in the spreadsheet. it would help in clearing the picture

Please check the different tabs in the Excel sheet. Each tab is for diff category.
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hw abt openin a fb group for all call getters n askin seniors to join dat grp to guide us thru d process n share thoughts among all aspirants

Hi Utsav...pls go ahead and create one.
Cheers, Deepan Mahendran

What is the tentative date for the course commencement. Need to plan my resignation accordingly.

- Deepan M

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Allas I am in....!!!!
Thanks Seniors for all the guidance and help provided.

- Deepan M

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@mosessandeep - Sorry frnd...didnt get to talk to the others...!!!

Cheers, Deepan Mahendran

Sorry for the late post puys....was on a long travel.

Date : 8th April
Venue : Trichy
Batch : 2 PM

Guys going to Trichy plan your travel accordingly.
From Bus stand, take a Tanjavur Bus & get down at Bhel (approx 40-45 mins travel). From there you need to take an auto to the campus (80 Rs).

Initially people are divided into groups of 7 or 8 and taken to GD or PI. So one batch will have GD first, and the other batch will have PI first.

GD :
Topic : Is China a threat to Indian Economy ?
some 4 mins to think your points and 15 mins to discuss.

Atlast you are asked to summarize the Discussion into a single paragraph.

PI :

My Panel had 3 Gentlemen. All 3 elderly persons.

P1 : Intrdouce yourself....
Me : ....
P1 : you have mentioned Ramakrishnan as your fav author..say abt him..?
Me : ....
P1 : what kind of books..?
Me : ....
P1 : other author mentioned is Dan Brown...have you read all his novels..?
Me : ....
P1 : ( Then some more questions were asked on the book Davince Code )
Me : ....
P1 : which is your favourite novel of Dan..why ?
Me : ....
P2 : what is the diff between India today & outlook..
Me : :lookround:
P2 : what is the last business news you read..?
Me : ...I said about a cloud computing outsourcing center...then for the next 2-3 mins discussion were done on cloud computing...
P3 : so you had a paper called Business Ethics ...what did you read on it ?
Me...blah blah....
P3 : have you applied Ethics in your work place....?
and some more questions on why MBA...and on my expereince related etc...
Hope this helps...

- Deepan :cheerio:

Cheers, Deepan Mahendran

Someone Pls send me the form....

Cheers, Deepan Mahendran