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Hi puys,
Congrats for everyone who converted their MDI calls :)
i got a WL 87
does MDI send any document for this? i mean am i supposed to send a DD too? i am in US now for some office work and dont know whether i have received it in my apartment in india
hasta la vista,

i had the worst AIMCAT among all in PG....
did a lot of guesswork in VA and ended up getting 5. yeah i mean 'five' !!!
100% disappointed :(
mine was much tougher than last time... :(
QA : 12
VA : 5
DI : 7
Total: 24

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reason for doing MBA??? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ more and more $$$$$$$$$$$ .....
btw dude, we already hav a thread on y MBA.... kindly post there :)

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bacchanalia :A riotous, boisterous, or drunken festivity; a revel

take this


decapitate=behead, cut off ones head
Pls correct me if im wrong...
and heres my word:- Quixotic
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vandalism=willful destruction of others property.

Eg:- The crowd vandalised lots of shops and houses as they moved as a procession towards the collectorate.

Here comes mine:-


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wish u all the best buddy.... keep rocking at McKinsey... and keep posting here and also keep blogging... :)
u make everyone of palakkad proud

Laad saabs, I am collating my protests against the nominations:

@puneet: Your avataar is corrupting the youth of India as they forget their moral values in blind pursuit of western culture. Certainly we should be listening to Indian classical music not head bangers ball !! Judgesaabs - save the forum, decline this nomination.

@morbidkk: Your avataar shows that you are still hung up with the past and are unable to let go of it. We are youth/students who need to have a global perspective not a narrow parochial view of ourselves. Judgesaabs down with this chauvnistic jingoism - reject the candidature.

@estranged_gnrs: Judgesaabs note how he is promoting alcoholism among the youth of this country. This depravity should not be tolerated for even one moment. Please remove this candidate from contention withe immediate effect.

@rachitjain: Basketball is a predominantly US sport. This shows that you still have a slave mentality, Judgesaabs such depiction of non-Indian values should be abhored.

@denish\maverick123\etall: "Beagle Boys" are a gang of theives. Is this what we are coming to ? Stealing ? Robbery ? Is this the culture we want to promote in our youth ? Judgesaabs, it would be wise of you to remove any nominations from this coterie.

Your humble servant,


psychoD bachhe, u r contradicting urself. if u shud not follow the US way then where do u think ur avatar, the Teenage Mutant Turtle Ninja came from? it was made in New York, USA... so u r just trying to prevent others from winning... u dont have the PAGAL spirit. judges, is malignant contestant ko is competition se nikaal diya jaaye,or isko yeh thread se ban kiya jaaye...

vote for me,
vote for garfield.

CATs rule

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@PsychoD: At this rate, you will be the only Non-Disqualified contestant this time ;)

PsychoD murdaabaad :P
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