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actually i wnt 2 strt smthng lyk dat bt i dnt knw hw 2 strt....
i want 2 strt an art dnt knw hw 2 strt....:(((
i am interested in arts....can anyone suggest any innovative idea about entrepreneurship in arts..???
i would like to know about the tie ups with other there something about student exchange..??
i would als like to know about the hostel faciities.....wot z d fee structure..?
derz another book of lee iacocca and the book who moved my cheese...
nyc piece of work...
i would like to know abt the placements and fee structure of lodhi road campus...????
thnx for ur suggestion...:)
so all dis rumours related 2 mrketin dat it is nt suitable for girls and everything else is false....?????
can u plz tell me which campus is better iilm gsm or iilm cms...???
n wot is d diffrnce..??
i am interested in sales and marketing as well in finance....i am good at number crunching but the practicality of marketing attracts me more.....wot 2 do...???
plz help..