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I had my GD/PI selection process today from Kolkata, there were around 110-20 people who came 4 GD and approx 40 were selected for the PI. I was one of them 2 b selected i found majority of the people were from ICICI bank.
Went through the case study, but i am afraid this is not something i ever expected , do they actaually give something like this i mean this is not really a Caselet !!!
can you share with me the HR contact nos
guys any idea, what would be the focus areas in GD/PI
anybody from Kolkata selected for GD-PI
i have cleared the written too, my GD-PI is on the 20th Aug.
I appeard in the test from the Kolkata center, did't get any mailyet... probaly i did't mak it
Please mail it to me , my id :
hello all i am deb,
i passed engineering in the yr 2006 and presently working with a software compnay in Kolkata,i will appearing 4 CAT this yr...looking 4ward to have more exchange of words and thots with all of u