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anilbukkapatil Says
ans for this i think its B..m i right?

The correct answer is C,becasue the statement hoes long the reason

Studies have shown that elderly people who practice a religion are much more likely to die immediately after an important religious holiday period than immediately before one.Researchers have concluded that the will to live can prolong life,atleast for short period of time.

A) Elderly People who practise a religion are less likely to die immediately before of during an important religious Holiday than at any other time of the year.
B) Elderly people who practise a religion appear to experience less anxiety at the prospect of dying than do other people.
C) Some elderly people who do practise a religion live much longer than most elderly people who do not.
D) Most elderly people who participate in religious holidays have different reasons for participating than young people do.
E) Monay religions have important holidays in spring and fall,seasons with the lowest death rates for elderly people.

My answer was E but as per GMAT VERBAL review the answer is A.

Option A is just a reproduction of what the question informs than how can that be the answer.

Guys please explain.

Hey Guys it depends on how you work out.

The first test I gave I got 590 the second one the score was 640 Third it went to 680 so analyse your every test point out your weekness try and get first 15 questions right and if you are an old CAT horse you will find the time is more than enough.

Nothing to worry guys,Indians are Hard workers
Go ahead and Crack it

it depends on person to person but in general :

#1 How much time do you think that is sufficient for GMAT preparation?
I am working too & can devote only 2 hrs daily.

#2 Also after getting all theory fundamentals how much time do you think you required for practice ? (I am thinking on the perspective of Speed.)

If teh fundamentals are clear a daily 2 hour study plan concentrating more on English and giving weekly test is more than enough to break the GMAT barrier
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Hey can any Puy can help me with some online study material to down load.I do not have sufficient material in RC and SC

It shall be of great help for me if any body can provide with link of some materials for SC and RC.

Look forward for kind help

1) C So much for
2) A/C...confused.,I wil prefer A (eliminated the constructions with had)
3)C(seems...may )causes redundany..again confused between C and E...
4)E..though D is also very close'
A,B ,c are out of competition as (the number of convicted criminals...has)is correct

The answer for 1st question might be D as the option C adds up the count of words.I might be wrong please clarify

After Long time posting in Feeling good to be a pagal guy again.Giving my GMAT on 17th July 2009,guys need help

went through your posts,Trust me u won't have any problem in convincing the PI Guys as far as your PG is concerned,as you have done your MCA you can easily convnce them that you did your MCA for higher technical inputs and you should never forget that educational qualifications have extra weightage in GD/PI chill out and relax brush up your basics and other GK and recent happenings and bang the PI

Hello ideacrash,
Thanks for the reply.
Well yeah i've got a reply for you, which is something I prepared for the PI , coz i surely thought this might hit me anytime, as it sprung up to me too.
Its all a difference that makes in a career. After MCA i have a definite option of taking up a job through my campus placements or getting an experience of a life time at these b-schools. During my PG, i realised more that I've really good managerial skills. Also during this time, i did a lot of freelance projects, where in I could directly interact with the client and do a bit of management myself, that gave me a lot of confidence on taking up a managerial option ahead of the tech route. To support my enterpreneurial ambitions, i guess this is a very helpful route. Of course, it pays more too.
But that might be the last answer on the stress interview though ! ;-)
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Please help me with my GMAT preparation.Don't have any idea how to go after it.Right now just going through the CAT Material.Can any one tell me

1)Where shall i find the officical guide for GMAT.
2)where shall i find the Kaplan CD's
3)How shall I start the preparation.
what are the stages of preparation.

Best Regards


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