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I have recieved queries as to whether any specific reading is required before you guyz land here. Well, this is the time for you guyz to chill out and soak it all in.

But still if you guyz have nothing much to do and want to brush up some stuff, then I would say that just brush up a bit on probability, concepts of differentiation (no formulae... just the concepts like maxima, minima etc) and basic statistics fundae.

To those who want more, you can probably do a bit of macroeconmics and microeconomics reading from or Its not imperative though

Herez my orkut page .... get in touch
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Ranjit Radhakrishnan
IIM Kozhikode
Batch of 2008

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@ Gaming Enthusiasts - AOE, NFS, Quake were the major games on campus last year, but there are plenty of doods who are into CS, Warcraft, Unreal et al

So get your gaming CDs and DVDs along. We will find people who are interested in it for sure.

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A huge HI to all the guyz and galz set to rock IIMK in the next two years ......:)

We guyz from the 2008 Batch are here to answer all your queries, no matter how mundane ... bring it on !!

We at K are a passionate lot, passionate about the campus, the bonhomie, the lifestyle and we respect the positive change that our experiences here has brought in us.

No matter who you are and what have you done in the past, be lest assured that your time at K is gonna be something that you will treasure for the rest of your life. So fasten your seat belts people and get set for one helluva ride !!!

@ Bangalore Call getters - Do meet up and get to know each other and get your networking antennas up and running. There are quite a few guyz from my batch interning here at Bangy along with me. So we will set up a meeting with you guyz soon. Meanwhile do get to know each other and update us with all the news.

@ Sports enthusiasts - We are gonna give IIMB a beating at home this year. Yeah - Sangraam, the annual IIMK-IIMB sports meet will be held at IIMB this year. So sharpen your claws and errr... your skills a bit as well before we beat the living daylights out off those bozos at B. Footballers, do ping me ..... we were beaten 3-1 last time and this time we wanna return the favour with loads of interest.

Have fun .... Party hard for the next two months
And then pack your bags and come down to K for more heavy duty partying

IIM Kozhikode
Batch of 2008

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Okayz here goes my profile...

Naam: Ranjit R
Kaam: HCL Capital Markets - 2yrs
Padaai: B.E (CS) -> 78.9
XII -> 88.0
X -> 89.6
(All of the above done at Bangalore)

Billi : 99.6 ( Quant arnd 80)

Calls: K,IIFT

Converts : K,IIFT - Joining K

Global Gyaan(to future aspirants):
1) Dont mess up any section in CAT (messing up in Quant especially ends up hurting you a lot)
2) Its good to be passionate about something to help you along in interviews, for example both at K and IIFT my interviews centred around my passion - 'Playing football'

The Lord

Me too.

Count me in.

Anyone else with K calls or any seniors from Chennai? Pls PM me.

Feels good to have made it and look forward to a rewarding 2 years.

Am not from chennai mate...but u might remember me...I was in the same GD/PI group that you were in....

The guy with the blazer...who was asked a lot about fooball Make a foray through your vague memories and you might recall me and the crazy GD that we had

Congrats to you maan.... c ya at Kozhi

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Have made it through to God's Own IIM ....

Will certainly chuck IIFT now

CAT : 99.59 (Low quant leading to only an IIMK call)
2 Years as a Software Engineer

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Glad to have made it to God's Own IIM

Will soon bug the seniors with lotsa queries


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Find my account of the IIMK GD/PI experience at
Itz more of a humorous description than a serious one, so I am not posting it here.

Good Luck

The Lord
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That said, you will need some sort of proof if you get your final call to K. Things will get a little difficult otherwise.

So, if you are confident that you can get a certi or atleast a print of the email sent across to confirm that you are the employee of the month/year, then you are most eligible to put that on your K form. Otherwise, tread cautiously.


Thanks for that quick reply Srini. Yup, I will try to take a well judged call on this one.

On a different note, was just curious about the IIMK-IIMB sports meet. How did it go ?:-)

I read that IIMK does not have the complete set of outdoor sports facilities within the campus due to lack of flat ground. I guess the facilites at the NIT Calicut Campus comes in handy here. Knowing that you are a die hard Man U fan, can u tell me what the sports (football ??) scene out there is like. (Assuming itz not All work, No Play scene out there)

I know that the query is not exactly relevant, huhh but am curious

- Ranjit
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Great to see all the help that the guyz from kozhikode r giving us...

I have a very specific query:

I recieved the Achiever's award at my company for the year 2005. I know that this might be a big factor during the interview. But the problem is that we havent had a special certificate given to the achievers yet. We had a photo session and all that but nothing has been given on paper yet. Nothing has been put up on the intranet as well. I expect the certificate or award (whatever it is) to be distributed during some meet or company event in the not so far future. But as to whether I will recieve it before the interview is not sure. Obviously cant take up the issue with the HR, so that puts me in a fix. I am wondering whether I should put this info in the form that K has sent out and whether I can speak about it during my interview. Since I wont have any proof, would that make them look at my claim with suspicion?

Seniors please pour in your thoughts.

P.S - I work in a company and domain that the Panel might be keen to discuss about and yeah I do think the award might make my interview a tad easier. :satisfie:

The Lord

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