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Hello puys, how many of you have started looking for accommodation?


did u get mail from them ?

Actually I emailed Amanda and got a reply after that. The awards have already been distributed by now according to her.
Hi there, Scholarships where supposed to be announced the first week of March, has anyone received any news about scholarships yet?

Didn't get any!
rahul800 Says
Interview call for schulich.

Congrats Rahul, and all the best!
hi all

I have not yet recieved official communication. But checked it on the application status page - found in one of the posts before
states "Admitted"

Any inputs on how much time it takes to receive official confirmation.

Hi Chethanrv,

When were you interviewed? Why don't you send an email to the international admissions regarding the application status- they will definitely confirm the admission offer. And congratz!

Hi everyone,

Do they return the $2500 non-refundable deposit in any case? What if we are not granted the visa? In my country, a lot of people are getting their visa applications rejected these days, so I was getting worried. Please reply if anyone knows about this.


Got an Admit last week. Scholarship of 5000 CAD.

GMAT - 710
Work Exp - 4 years IT Products (Biggest 2 IT firms)/ 1.5 years Entrepreneurship.
Acads - Decent
Extra Curriculurs - Decent

May not join due to poor scholarship...will be happy to help with queries...

Congrats Punisher! Where else have you applied?
Hi All,

Im pallavi from Gurgaon. Got an admit from schulich 2 days back. Has anybody heard regarding the scholarships? What are your plans for education loans? And have you applied for the student visa? would appreciate if somebody can tell me more about the visa application process.

Anyhow, if anybody has got their interviews scheduled, my questions were:
- Current profile
- why MBA, why Schulich and why canada
- How are you unique
- A difficult work place situation where you had to go beyond established norms
- your ideal business leader and the important qualities for a good leader

Congrats Pallavi!
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Hello all,

Regarding visa application, do we have to show a bank statement with the full amount of at least three months? Is it necessary to deposit the required amount before three months of the date of visa application? Some even say that a visa request is sure to be rejected without a three-month bank statement with the total amount to be shown. Please share your thoughts!

argmat Says
i too got a schulich 2012 admit...i am from delhi...who else from Delhi?....cheers

Congrats argmat!