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:wow:: back..Remember me?check my PG album for hint :p
Well,we are still undecided on when to meet-saturday or sunday?When are you free?

I will like to meet on saturday as that is a good day and also I have not able to come regularly on PG but do let me know if 17th or 24th July is a good day!

I have come back from Pune and want to know where is the meet happening, i havent read the threads so can someone please share it again! I hope if I can see some old faces as well!

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I have a question I hope it is a right thread:

1.What are the necessary skill set a Media Marketing professional should possess? Having a work experience (not in the same field) will be an added benefit?

2.What are the skill sets required to be a good Media Planner?

3.Today the industry is very competitive and our is the top notch institute in Media and Communication. But what we should do constantly learn and hone our skill sets so that we become future ready?

4.I am interested in creatives in advertising agency, but I don't know how to go about searching for jobs? Do we have any other alternative beyond agency for creative? Kindly throw some light.

5.I want to become Account Planner but I have got to know that 'real' account planning function does not exist beyond couple of top rated agencies. Is the similar profile of work exists in any other business where similar skill set can be utilised?

It will be great to get some answers on the same.



Hi Guys I am here in Delhi....and will be travelling back to pune on 14th June...koi meet rakh lo usse pehle. Lotta cathcng up to do Utsav, aditya, ... its been really long since been to a meet...i still have that video Barista wala

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Its been been some time since I have attended a PG meet and will like to do so now. Waiting to attend my first Pune meet.

I start of with FINALLY, i will able to attend a meet. But sat. seems a little difclt, we gt thrsdys off. But one thing for sure will try will be great if anyone from lavale is gng.
See you there

Hi dude
Really miss you guys and the meet . Wish you a happy birthday dude.

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I am new to pune and trying to figure out the place. I would suggest if we can meet at symbi lavale and then go to wherever the meet is. if you guys are ok with the idea.

Hi Guys

I am Darpan and from Delhi. Was quite acitve in Delhi PG meets will like to do so in Pune as well.
Folks I suggest why not have a meeting at lavale, on this Sunday at 10.30 pm, will get to know people who share the same campus .

Wish you a great season ahead, all the best in your endeavours and hopefully may be if time has it I will catch up on 28th.
But wish to be in touch with you always through pm or mobile.
c ya