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As seba mentioned, i thnk it is safe to assume the 10 numbers are distinct..Also if u look at it the other way, in the list the odd nos are tabulated just once.. I hope what i have done is right

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one q/s which i am nt able to solve.....

We are selecting a group of 10 numbers out a list of 100 odd numbers. The sum is called A. How many different values of A are possible....

Reminder I dont have the answer.. Just saw this q/s in some QA Notes.... Please tell if anyone knows the method( i know here i will find the answer)

consider the first 100 odd numbers: 1,3,5....199
The sum of first 10 odd numbers( i.e 1+3+5....19) = 10 + 45x2 = 100 ( min value)
The sum of last 10 odd nos ( i.e 181 + 183...199) = 10 + 945x2 = 1900( max value)
now any other value of the sum will lie betwn 100 and 1900 at a difference of 2.
so total values = (1900-100)/2 + 1
900 + 1 = 901.

Q. If N = 2^3 x 3^2 x 5^3 then find the number of co-prime triplets (a,b,c) where a, b & c are factors of N.

Don have th OA..pl. share the approach..


hi puys!!
i have a problem in average and alligations chapter of Arun sharma ...Please help me solve it

Three groups of companies : tata, birla and reliance announce the average of the annual profit for all years since their establishment.
The avg profit of tata is Rs. 75000 lakhs
The avg profit of birla is Rs. 64000 lakhs
The avg profit of reliance is Rs. 73000 lakhs
The avg profit of all results of tata and birla together is 70000 lakhs
The avg profit of all results of reliance and birla together is 69000 lakhs

Approximately what is the average profit for all three group of companies?

a) 70800 lacs
b) 71086 lacs
c) 70666 lacs
d) cannot be determined..

the answer to ur question is "a"
All the roots range from 1 to 2 as given in the q.
so if a= -3.3, the sum of the roots is 3..now the only way to check the combination of all values of a and c is by using maxima and minima of equations...all the options satisfy the maxima condition( i.e if the sum of all roots =3.3 then product cannot exceed 1.331...check for other options)
now if u check for the minima in option 1. the minimum value will be achieved when the roots are 1.3, 1 ,1 ...minima = 1.3. Therefore option 1...Pls confirm the ans tho