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@shrinivassg hi sg
  • hi ! :smiley:. 18 Sep '12.
  • this is shahul. 18 Sep '12.
Deepak Gopalakrishnan @chuck_gopal
For those who didn't get the references on the front page image and the header, that's a nod of tribute to Frasier, one of the most successful American sitcoms ever. All the best for CAT 2011! _Concept,
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Relaxing thats the one thing I did best before writing the CAT last year..

DEAR ALL, actually wanted your opinion in sorting out A DIFFICULT matter....I broke my leg & back in a serious road accident 4 months ago, was advised bedrest for a long period and have recuperated just 3 days ago. So now I have resumed my services in my organization. The issue is that my CAT prep is zero as on this day...but I have the guts and discipline to prepare 4 it....
Is it possible to ace CAT in the time available(today onwards till D-day). I mean only 5 months & 9 days left till the beginning of Nov,2011. Is entry into IIM-A,B &C; possible in this time???? i am from engg background with sound math skills and I am working also...

sure ample time to prepare yet.. requires consistent preparation..

Guys I think for IIMA call getters they need to send a accceptance mail.. (thats what i got from the forums).. nothing like that for Joka right??

(I dont have personal mail access at work so wanted to ask.. pls someone reply soon)

hehe well-known Insti...

Thanks Anandh Thanks Naga.. Got through to PGDM in IIMC and waitlisted at 4 for IIMA.. Way too excited.. not able to sleep

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I am in to the Joka Somehow sleeping after the results seems harder than when I was expecting it !! hardly slept 3 hours :cheerio:

Seniors.. there will not be any case of a candidate, whose name appeared on the final offers list, being rejected the seat based on buffer calls??

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No one has received any mail from IIM cal .. right?? getting silly fears even though name is there on final offers list!!! please someone confirm..

yayyyyy.. I got into C

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