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once upon a time a chinteen(ant) and a elephant are playing cricket.
chinteen balls and elephant bats. he hits a shot high enough but great chinteen still catches the ball. but bad luck the elephant is still not out. batao kyun??
kyunki it was a TRY ball!!!

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Hi All

My exp for 11th 9:00 am batch.

GD topics 1. Vocational Education is necessary for Indian Economy
2. Indian Economy is Linked with Us Economy

total 8 people in group. 4 voted for 1st and 4 for second. sabse bade problem no one was ready to break up.
at last after sometime when no one agreed I broke up and the discussion started.
A big boring discussion. No one to oppose repeating the same points and I was sitting there cursing those 4 people who had voted for Vocational training.

Then came the PI. total 7 panels. Panel 5 was taking stress interviews, rest all were really cool. I was praying mai kisi be panel mein aa jaun par 5th nai par bhagwan to chahte the maze lena. mine was 5th.

Darwaza kholte he do log sane prakat hue. Is se pehle ander ghusta, OK abc tell me something about urself in 1 min.
Did.no questions on that. The next comes Tell me the name of the HR head of ur company. bata dea
what is his qualification? he he. nai pata
u do not even know the qualification of ur HR..

tell me something about CSR? bataya!
tell me differenece between ITC choupal and Infosys Foundation. bataya.
which style do u prefer? Done

suddenly the lady who was just looking at my application form speaks?
ur cat %tile. which other colleges have u applied? none
that means u are going to apply to all those colleges next year?
then comes why HR?
mene socha itna jaldi kyun pucha.bahar jane ke bad puchte.
bata dea. then a few questions on thatand a heated discussion and finally u may go now.
thank u.

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try this link. it gives real good aspects to hr outsourcing
Successful HR outsourcing means quality service

try this link. it gives real good aspects to hr outsourcing
Successful HR outsourcing means quality service

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Hey can any senior help me out on this:

"Is there any probability that there will be questions asked from my graduation stream during PI? I am from Electronics and for the last two years I am working in software industry. As a result I am totally out of touch with multiplexers, transistors and microprocessors. :neutral:"

No dude. it would be tottaly hr based.
junoonmba Says
wat will be venue for delhi folks Is it mumbai or Delhi?

all the gd's and interviews would be held in mumbai only for all the people
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slave2instinct Says
results might be delayed by a day ..a Puy has called up TISS and they said that it would come up on 15th ..seems they are building upon their "excellent" performance in publishing written exam list

i called up the tiss people in the morning. they told that the results have been delayed and now would be declared on 20th feb.The lady in the admissions department told that.
Another question was Snail : Shell as ?

I marked Passenger : Train. Other options were
1. Wholesaler : Shop
2. Retailer : Shop
2. Customer : Shop

it is passenger train acc to me
gul22us Says
Can u plz give the link...Thanks

plz check this
and search selection procedure in this file.
jituashani Says
Hey i dont think there was any negative marking and when i spoke to Tiss ppl they told me, your combined score shld be atleast 43

it should be from 70 not from 100. Please check it.

from 100 it is 60