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I have a query regarding the Academic Details (Module 4 of of the SCMHRD Online Application form. I am a BITS Pilani graduate and at BITS Pilani, I was a student of 5 year course of Integrated B.E (Chemical Engineering) and MSc (Mathematics), i.e., at the end of 5 years I am now both, a B.E. (Hons) and MSc (Hons) graduate.

Since I have two degrees, I had chosen B.E (4 years completed) and MSc (3 years completed) before filling in the academic details in the online SCMHRD form.

Since Module 4 (Academic details) asks for the details for all 4 years of B.E. and 3 years of MSc, how do I fill in the details (Year of passing, Total Marks, CGPA etc.) in my case?

Can someone on the Admissions team please help me?

Boy oh Boy..!! Have been inactive for quite a few months and I see, I've missed out loads on one of my fav threads..!!

I'm sure most of u guys would have checked out the recent American Express card ad, wherein Abhishek Bachchan is in a restaurant and pays by a card (ofcourse an American Express one), on which the letters "A. Bachchan" are engraved..!! The manager sees this, thinks Big B is in the restaurant and the hostess sends over a complimentary yummy cake at his table (With the letters Big B written) saying "Compliments from the Hotel, Big B...

Junior B is on the phone (with the actual Big B on the line) and says "Hey Dad, Did you just hear what they said, They called me, The Big B" > He immediately adds, "Ofcourse, we all know who the real Big B is, but > Felt good.."

Hmm...A very thoughtful ad, I must say...

First of all, it catches on the Bachchan family popularity and has one of the family members in it. (Which, in today's ad world, has come to play a major role)

Secondly, it takes into aspect, the casual, yet respectful relationship, the father-son duo share with each other..

Thirdly, The ad has a tagline, which says, "Membership changes everything".. Pretty impressive, I must say...

Dialogue Context : Rocky Balboa, Former 2-time heavyweight boxing Champion agrees to play an exhibition match against the current Heavyweight Champion Mason "The Lion' Dixon..!! Rocky is confronted by his son who asks him not to join in the embarassment and blames him for everything in life.

: Son, It doesn't matter how hard you hit, All that matters is how hard you get hit and keep moving forward, keep moving forward, keep moving forward..!!

(Disclaimer: The words may not be the exact ones stated in the movie, but trust me, the message did hit hard!! )

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ya thats definitely a good ad ... more than the concept ... the kids are cute and have acted well. but the puncline is knda dull .. daag achche hain.

btw .. we even imagined dhoni wity his girlfriend ... in this ad (.. in the ads you hate section)

Hmm.....Yeah, the Dhoni-gf imagination was quite hillarious!!!!

Surf ad....?? Really cute....

Psst..I seem to be fallin in love with all the PG emoticons....Ha ha!!

And since the talk of this thread is the "Thums Up" ad.......a lot of ppl actually think its a bad one..!!! Chk out the "Ads you hate" thread....!!

Hmm....Sprite always does a fine job in hitting upon the other ads..!!

Hell yeah....u did get the numbers right.
I too love those ads....and I hav Nokia 6270

Cool..!!! Wish I had that....


Hmm...ThankGod, I decided against seeing Boom, the time it was released...!!

Paheli...?? TG again!!! Didn't watch it even when it came on TV..Ha ha!!
Wonder why somebpdy wanted to send this as a nomination to the Oscars!!

Actually, can add on a few more to my already existing list...!! :wow:

Mohabbatein..(Now, someone I knw likes this movie...!!! :wow: ) Pathetic's the word....!!

Veer-Zaara.....?? Ahh..!! So Boring...Saw it on a CD and cudn't stand it one bit, Wonder how ppl watched it in the theatre....!!

I like almost all the Nokia ads...!!
Esp the recent ones for the Nokia-N series and the ones for the Nokia 6270 and 6280..( Err....I hope I got the numbers right.. )

My verdict:
Very thoughtful, innovative, interesting, enjoyable for that 1+ minute that it comes for, on TV!!!!

Had to share this one with u guys......

Just saw a new Paas-Paas ad today, the one in which Shekhar Suman stars too.....!! The first time i set my eyes on it tonight, esp the scene in which, the girl simply flies into the Shekhar Suman billboard poster in order to give him company for the product in question, I was like......."Eh...? Excuse me....? U can actually do that....??:wow: "

God..!! What do ppl actually think, they are trying to show us.....??
Crap...?? :wow: